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    Today, I tried to search new articles using the list of tags particularly on id.wordpress.com. It does work at all. The link always run to http://wordpress.com/tags/. Even I tried searching to the latest one, still it does not work. What’s happened?



    True, that’s a problem… A lot of the tags at http://wordpress.com/tags/ seems to be bugged.

    I don’t know if this is being worked on together with the whole blogroll/category error fix, but I guess it is.

    A way around it is to manually write the tag you’re looking for into the address field.

    Like this:


    or whatever you’re interested in…

    Hope that helps,
    – Biyang Hansen



    well, also if I click on a category of my own blog instead of being shown ALL my posts within that category I’m taken to http://wordpress/tag/$foo where $foo is the name of that category.

    any hint ? haven’t seen it submitted here or elsewhere !

    ciao !



    Usually if you
    (1) click on a category in a post and you will be taken to the wordpress.com global tag pages.
    (2) click on any category in the sidebar of the blog and you will find all the blog posts assigned to that category in that blog.

    I’m thinking that including a $ sign in a category title is not a good idea but I could be wrong.

    However, staff were upgrading to a new version all weekend and probably working on the category pages too. Apparently, this new version may have the built-in tagging that the 2.3 version has at wordpress.org. No announcement has been made on this as yet. Any further information will have to come from staff and they do monitor these threads. You can also use this link during Support hours to contact them http://wordpress.com/contact-support/



    Ahhh… geek speak :)

    $foo is a variable.

    So if “$foo=bananas”, when he clicks on http://hisblogname.wordpress.com/category/bananas/ it really takes him to http://wordpress.com/tag/bananas



    Doh… He forgot to put

    Dim foo As String

    in the declare module of his reply. How else can we know he’s talking about a variable?

    Nah, sorry back to reality.

    It is true as timethief says, the categories showing under each post links to global wordpress tags, whereas the categories/tag cloud in the sidebar links to categories *within* the blog.

    – Biyang Hansen



    although, i will chime in just to be annoying and continue this $/string thing, if someone did use a “$” in a category name, chances are their posts would be the only ones on the global tag page for it ;-)



    alas, nope.

    ‘$’ and other valid printable symbols for some reasons just got stripped off the Category/Tag slug.

    apparently, .com bloggers are not allowed to have their posts filed into ‘$foo’, ‘-bar’, ‘+baz’ or ‘_qux’ and such categories.

    perhaps, otherwise it may get completely FUBARed.



    I think your problem was that no matter which category you used your were re-directed to http://wordpress.com/tags/ and I’m wondering if this is still happening?

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