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#tag feed from twitter

  1. Hi! I have successfully linked my twitter feed into my blog. Is it possible for the feed to be driven by #tags? ie. rather than a feed from my twitter account my blog show all tweets that have a particular #tag within them from any account?

    Many thanks


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Only if you can find the RSS feed for that. I don't believe search has that capacity right now, certainly not JUST certain tags from JUST certain accounts.

  3. Thanks raincoaster. I run events and want to use the hash tags that I use for them to post on the blog. ie. #olympics2012 Im happy for any tweet from any account to appear in the feed as long as it has the appropriate hash tag included. I have seen self hosted sites do this but I wonder if there is a way for me to do so?

    Thanks again

  4. If you can find a feed for it on Twitter, you can put it in the RSS feed widget.

  5. I usually recommend CoverItLive for that. You can see it on a blog under the "This Week's Chat" tab on this blog and instructions are here:

  6. Thanks again. You are a great help- and the wine sounds fantastic!

    I have seen what I want on this hobby site - see the side bar - where tweets are posted based on their #tag, in this particular case #caleuprising.

    I'd like to replicate exactly this but need some help.


  7. The site you point to is not a free hosted blog like yours. It';s a self hosted install.
    Please read > vs The Differences

  8. Finding a tag feed in Twitter is a Twitter issue, not a WordPress issue. If you can find a feed, you can put it in an RSS widget. That's all the help we can offer.

  9. ~~airodyssey
    Thanks for posting that. I just lol at my answer in the other thread. :D

  10. But technically, you were correct!

  11. Indeed I was.

  12. That does just what I want it to!

    Very many thanks airodyssey for pointing me in the right direction.

    Fantastic service from the community here!


  13. You're welcome. We appreciate your saying so.

  14. I have been really impressed.

    One final question. Do you know how often RSS feeds are updated? the feed shows all my updates from 24 hours ago but I hope it updates more often than once per day. Does anyone know?



  15. For some sites, they're updated whenever a new reader comes along. That's the case at

  16. Doesn't seem to be working like that though. I have tweeted myself and so has a friend - both tweets have been published but neither have been picked up by the RSS feed. That's why I asked about the refresh rate.

    LOL Why can't life be easy?


  17. I think you're going to have to ask over at

  18. Many thanks anyway. You've been great

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