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    Hello happy people
    I hope you got used to my ‘funny’ but ‘valid’ issues. So here is one more:

    This morning I have published 3 posts, in English language.
    They have appeared, as usual, in my reader under all greek and english tags.
    A little later though, the posts did not appear any longer, in my ‘reader’, under the english equivalent tags, for example, Greek, Greece, Greek Diaspora, etc. There is no problem with the Greek tags.
    The FUNNY thing, is that, if I go via ‘Explore tags’ page https://wordpress.com/tags/ and click on any of the above mentioned tags, then my posts are there! So the question is why the filtering?
    Could you please fairly give me your lights?
    My suspicious mind would directly go to google filtering!

    P.S. Both my language settings are in English, and the settings in ‘General’ look fine.
    Thank you in advance

    The blog I need help with is teteleste.wordpress.com.


    Hi there, did you try searching in the reader for one of the post titles?

    Can you give us the title or a url for one of the missing posts and the tag you are looking in?



    Your correct question produced results!;)

    -In WP page ‘Explore tags’ the results are sorted by date/time
    -In ‘my Reader’, however, the results come out randomly, shuffled

    I have placed 5 images in my Media Library that clearly show that.

    The title of the last post is : 3- The Greeks: round 3, time zero! It comes up as 3d result, searching in my reader, but the first two results are completely irrelevant. There is no missing post.

    Am I correctly assuming that is not my settings causing this?



    Hi there,

    There’s nothing wrong with your settings. The results on the Reader are sorted by relevance. This means that if two posts meet the same search criteria or tags, the one with the most views and comments is more likely to turn up first.

    Also, make sure you’re not using too many tags and categories in your posts as this will rank them lower or even stop appearing in the Reader. You can read more about how that works here:


    If you have any other questions, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help.



    Hi 2 u 2
    Never used more than 15 tags (max. num. sugested by WP), usually 12-13.

    Your suggested https://en.support.wordpress.com/topics/#missing-posts link’s parent category is ‘traffic’, suggesting that if you follow some basic rules, you can increase your traffic.
    But, as you mention, Post’s are sorted by relevance!
    So, what’s the point expecting to get traffic, from the ‘Reader’, if your freshly published Post goes to the bottom!
    There is some basic inconsistency here, due to this sorting filter.

    A “knob” might push a little towards ‘consistency’ and may give some of the deserving ‘climbing’ push to fresh posts.
    In the Reader banner a switcher between : ‘Most Recent’ / ‘Most Popular’ will provide the user with the fair option to actually choose what to view.



    You are conflating tag listings and Reader Search with each other.

    If you click on Tags in the Reader sidebar and type in a tag you used, the results should include all posts published with that tag across WordPress.com, with the most recent at the top. A post is automatically excluded here when there are more than 15 tags and categories combined, because the more tags and categories someone uses, the more likely it is that they’re using irrelevant tags and categories just to get their post visible in more tag listings.

    (The 15 is a limit, not a target, and by using 12-13 tags you’re likely still using tags that are not truly relevant. You should try to use as few tags as possible, and only use those that are truly relevant to the content of the post.)

    Reader Search at the top of the Reader works completely differently. That looks at your post content, your post title, and your site title, along with the number of likes, shares and comments a particular post has received. That gets fed into an algorithm that then returns results relevant to the search term in exactly the same way a Google search does.

    So just like there’s no guarantee your posts will appear at the top the list in Google, there’s no guarantee your post will appear at the top of the list in the Reader. How recently a post was published is also already taken into consideration, but relevance ranks higher than recency, as it also does with search engines, and you’re unlikely to even see two posts from the same site returned in search results for any given search term.



    You are right! It is now obvious that I was conflating tag listings and Reader Search, but not any more, since you are very educative too! Thanks a lot.
    (About tag number though and in my case, often I have to limit tags in order to fit the number. Maybe because of the objective, but they all are truly relevant.)
    I think there is no reason to keep this open, any more.
    Once more, Thank you and stay happy.

    What someone learns talking with you!;-)

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