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    I also have a blog on Blogger, and they have an easier way of adding tags. I hope I can explain this correctly, but on blogger, if you have used tags in the past, then whenever you write a new post you don’t have to keep typing in the same tags over and over again. They list the past tags you used so you can just click on the tags you want for your new post.
    I know that on wordpress when you type in a tag that was used before, there’s like a drop down thing, but why should I have to type at all. If I’m going to use nearly the same tags for most of my post, should there be some sort of list of tags that I could just click on and those tags will be entered in the tag box.
    I know this sounds lazy, but I like to do things quickly. Don’t blame it on me, its our fast paced society…Its the man!! :-)



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    If they put smilies in the forums, I’ll quit…just sayin’



    Well, I dont want you to quit so I’ll stop asking for the smilies



    I requested smilies in a previous thread and the idea got shot down…



    I agree with the tags.
    Its a bit of a pain to have to open my Tags list in another browser tab to find ones i’ve used before.
    A drop down window, like the Categories has would be really handy on the Post editor page.



    Just type a few letters in the Tag box under your Post and the tag should show up if it already exists. At least that’s what I’ve been doing.

    (no smileys! Just sayin’…)



    To justjennifer

    I know what your talking about, I would prefer to not have to type at all when entering tags. I don’t want to be switching from typing to using the mouse. I write nearly 4-10 post a day, it gets tiring. Again…I know its lazy but I like to get things done faster.



    It is just one of those pain to go through type of things, there is no way around it. I hope to see categories on the right hand side instead of bottom (like how they have it in Press This window) when we compose a blog post. I hardly use tags but it takes a little to scroll through the categories to select since I have quiet a few.

    People generally use tags liberally where as categories are used conservatively. Since clicking on tags or categories takes you to the same place, I see no wisdom in using tags most of the time. Categories helps me go to collective blog posts of similar kind and Search Box is enough to find rest of the everything else.


    One solution, although not automatic is to make a plain text file with your “default” tags in it and save it to your desktop. Then when you start a post, open the file and copy and paste. If you have a lot of “default” tags, it’s better than typing them in every time.



    @aw1923-Maybe I’m not understanding how you are posting

    I don’t want to be switching from typing to using the mouse. I write nearly 4-10 post a day

    but I type in the Write Editor. For the Tags, it only takes typing an additional letter or two in the Tag box and if that letter combo appears together in an already existing tag, the tag appears in a self-opening list where you can then use the up/down key on your keyboard to navigate to the appropriate tag and click on it to auto-enter it into the Tag box.

    I have far more tags than categories. (i.e. Category: Dress; Tags: pink, polka dotted, sleeveless, v-neck) Having the tags listed on the side of the Write Editor window or in some sort of arrangement like the Category box would make my Editor window seriously messy.

    But if you use the same combination of tags over and over, tsp’s suggestion would probably work for you; but then you have to click away to a different file, copy and then click back to your post and paste. The only advantage is that you’d enter your tags in the Tag box all at once.

    (wow-that was longer than some of my posts!)



    I agree with you here Saw1923, it is much much easier to have a tag list you can click on to add it to your post. For me it’s a memory issue. I often forget which tags I’ve used before (especially exact spelling), and rather than having to flip to another browser window or text file every time, it would be fantastic to have them there available below the post when I need them.



    I agree with this request. Trying to remember the Tags I’ve used previiously (and trying to avoid unnecessary variations) is one of the most annoying things in using the present WordPress.com setup.

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