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Tag list widget instead of tag cloud?

  1. Isn't there a "tag list" widget I can use instead of the "tag cloud"?
    What's the matter with this "tag cloud" craze, anyway? A simple list, ordered by tag popularity would do just fine and would not spoil the neat, uncluttered appearance I want to achieve (as a tag cloud would).
    I would appreciate any help on this, especially since I'm a newbie in WordPress.

    (NOTE: my blog is NOT a self-hosted blog, so I suppose I cannot use plugins).

  2. There isn't such a widget in If you want a linear list, use Categories or make a text widget and put the tag list in by hand..

  3. You can create a custom menu, add all your tags to it, save the menu, add a Custom Menu widget to your sidebar, select the menu you created, save. See here:

  4. Thank you both for your replies!

  5. In blogs you can't use plugins.

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