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    I have finally decided to clean my categories and tags.
    now i manage to have few main categories and detailed tags.
    I am trying to keep the number of categories and tags for each post under 10.
    During this process I recognised a problem:
    I have two tags with the same name but with different slug.
    When I try to rename one of those I get an error.
    I do not want to delete the tag as it will take too much work to manually edit my posts.

    this is what i try to mean:



    I am looking for your suggestions.

    Is there any way to merge those two tags?

    The blog I need help with is kaldirimlar.com.


    Go to Posts > Post Tags and delete those two conflicting tags.
    Then go to Posts > Posts, select all the relevant posts (by clicking the little square to the left of their title), select Edit from the Bulk Actions dropdown, click Apply, add tag, click Update.



    thanks for the reply.

    I do not understand the edit part.
    if i have 80 posts out of 1000 it will be very tiring to find them through little square selection.

    I would like to do something without deleting both of the tags but I guess this is not possible.



    Click on the “Screen Options” tab at the top RH side of your screen and put a larger number in the “Show on screen” to a larger number so you can work with more Posts than I think the default 20.



    thanks for the suggestion.
    i have managed to solve this issue. by searching tags in my blog and manual work.

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