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  1. why don't my posts appear in the tag-surfers of other bloggers with similar interests?

  2. for some reason we can't see our own posts in tag surfer, or even when you surf the wp tags page. maybe wp think it's redundant, seeing as you know where your posts would be anyway...

  3. i know! but i saw a friend's tag page with similar interests. mine did not appear there as well!

  4. Try loggin out of wordpress and then go to the tag surfer and see if your posts are visible.

  5. it worked guys. thanks!

  6. previously i wanted to "subscribe" to different tags to read on my tag surfer but i noticed that when i subscribed to "books" i automatically have that as a category in my categories, which i don't want - i just want to read posts by that tag not having that tag as one of my categories. is there a solution for this?

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