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    I think that it would be useful to have more than one page of results, so that users have the ability to go back further. Particularly useful if you’re looking for specific items/subjects that don’t appear in every result. At the moment users have to wait for fresh tag results, but I know that older tag results must exist.

    In addition, it would be useful to have a check box beside all tags, to allow users to fine tune their surfing. For example, I have a lot fo tags, but when I use the ‘art’ tag, which has a contstant stream of posts, my other tags are swamped. If this isn’t feasible, it would be useful to create groups of tags, and then users could achieve the same end result.

    The blog I need help with is dicksonbrown.com.



    I’m thinking that this is not a support issue per say but instead is an idea you would like Staff to consider. I will flag this thread so our Moderators consider moving it to the Ideas Forum for you https://en.forums.wordpress.com/forum/ideas



    @timethief …thank you for your help.


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