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Tag Surfer Improvements

  1. Is there anyone else who would be happy to see the posts in the Tag Surfer page trimmed down?

    Because most people don't use the "More" tag (i'm guilty of this, too), the posts are often unmanageably long.

    Add to this the fact that one of the tags i subscribe to is very image-heavy, and i end up not being able to see anything on my Tag Surfer page (see this support thread:

    Can we start a petition or something?

  2. Should it be a petition to all bloggers asking them to use the 'more' tag or are you thinking that posts whould only be displayed down to the 'n'th line - say 10 lines - and then no more displayed?

  3. Ahhh, the latter, i think. There has been some suggestion that it might not be too difficult to implement a limit such as the first 300 words.

  4. actually i think tag surfer shows the whole post regardless of the insertion of the more tag or not, because logically every blogger can't be not using the more tag...

  5. sulz,
    I do not think all bloggers are logical.
    [language apology]Kebanyakannya gila[/language apology]

    Back on topic - I think this is a good idea

  6. Agree but a better way to deal with this would be to only output the first 150 characters or so within the viewer. Either that or strip out come of the code like the system already does for the archive pages within themes. (wp tech: use the_excerpt function instead of the_content function)

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