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    I want to follow up certain tags but with popular tags it becomes tedious. I wish we had an EXCLUDE BLOGS function in the Tag Surfer. This way when I follow up a popular tag such as photography or jokes I do not have to endure the blogs I do not enjoy. Now all we can do is give up the tag altogether.

    I would also suggest an EXCLUDE TAG function in the Blog Surfer, but that is less urgent since the Blog Surfer is more picky anyway.


    Something I’d like to see, which is similar, but different, is a way to “clear all” tags from my Tag Surfer. After a few posts, if I don’t go in and clear it out, I find all sorts of tags from my previous posts. Instead of having to delete irrelevant tags one by (bleeping) one, then I can just “clear” and start new w/whatever tag I decide I want to watch.

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