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    giftedadults: There’s no need to take your anger out on someone who is trying to be helpful. I too am a little frustrated because it’s the #1 feature I used which is gone, but yelling at someone who didn’t remove it and can’t put it back is just counter-productive.

    Anywho, back on topic..


    I’m quite sure I’m in the right place, because I can see what you’re describing (the “Read Blogs” tab, the list of my tags to the left (under a big “Read Blogs” title). I am assuming that the main body area of that page should list the relevant pages. However, I only get this:

    Nothing to read! Why not find your friends, subscribe to some blogs, or have a look at Freshly Pressed?”

    I’m starting to wonder if the problem is that I’m using NoScript, and that the script which is supposed to update the list is from a site which I haven’t allowed. Is anyone else seeing what I am seeing, and if so, are you running NoScript (or similar tool)?



    Well, I went against my better judgement and chose to temporarily allow all scripts. :)

    Apart from the page loading much slower, nothing changed. :(

    Ah, well. I’ll try contacting support and see if it can get straightened out.



    @1tess I really do not think you should take such offense at some one who is frustrated by the current problem. If you are a volunteer then simply tell them who to take there frustration out on and let it go.
    Thank you for the link, for I intend to waste my time and tell WordPress once again how unhappy I am with their latest changes.
    It doesn’t seem to matter to them, as I am aware that a great many people do not like a great many of there changes and have gone to other blogging platforms.


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    I tried adding humor and jokes as topics (tags) and the link comes up strangely:
    Whereas when I choose an old topic, say Japanese food ,the link looks like this:

    In all cases though, I get posts galore to look at.

    Long shot, but maybe you are having browser issues:


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    I took no offense. These forums are just about the nicest, most useful I’ve experienced online. It’s rare that the tone turns bad, which is a good thing: it allows everyone to access the help they need in a happy atmosphere.




    You are genius. You got me thinking when you said you added new topics.

    The problem, at least for me, is in fact that the tags it has listed aren’t actually in use. For instance, I removed “3D” (migrated from my old list) from my tag list, and then re-added it, and voilá, I got a nice list of 3D articles.

    So, if anyone else is having this problem: The migrated list doesn’t seem to be working. Remove the entries and add them manually, and see if it works.

    In retrospect, I’m a little bit ashamed I didn’t figure it out on my own.. It’s one of the things I should have tried immediately. Oh, well.. :)



    Thank you, 1Tess. I didn’t mean to offend, in any case. But when forums are offered as a place to get answers to problems, it’s frustrating to be put off with answers that aren’t really answers, and then to find out that posting here really doesn’t accomplish anything.

    Just a final note and then I’ll shut up. There are too many people having the same problem to chalk this up to browser issues or to “noscript” issues.



    I think the biggest issue is the fact that they have moved it , changed it and made it more complicated than it needed to be. but then I guess tech likes to do this..


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    Certainly problems come up whenever new features are added, and using the free version of WordPress does mean that we are guinea pigs. It can be both frustrating and confusing. While we volunteers occasionally have been helpful ( ≥^!^≤ ), it’s only with practical matters that have nothing to do with the back-end of how wp.com works.

    Feel free to ask for help whenever you need to.

    happy blogging!




    Scratch my last entry, now I see what I was missing. It doesn’t actually match a *set of tags* any longer. I was expecting it to do just that; “Read Blogs” is more of a a “search for a single tag” feature. It wasn’t about it not using the tags, it was that one has to explicitly select a single tag. *egg on face*

    I owe an apology to giftedadults for dismissing him (but I did so because I thought his tone was rather unpleasant (I guess we could both learn a lesson from that)). Rereading his posts, and it’s clear that he was in fact complaining about the missing tag *set* matching feature.

    “Read Blogs” doesn’t actually replace Tag Surfer in the sense that it offers an equivalent feature.

    I tried to beat Readomattic into submission to see if it could offer the functionality I want, but it still doesn’t show anything in the Tags-list. :(

    Any tips about features which offer the functionality of Tag Surfer are welcome.



    Bring back Tag Surfer!



    I have found that the tags I followed in the tag surfer are now all listed under Read Blogs at this link http://wordpress.com/#!/read/

    This is a peer support forum where your fellow bloggers answer support questions. We cannot and do not either implement or discontinue features of any kind. If you wish to communicate with Staff please use this link to do so.



    Hi TT Good Evening.
    I was also much curious about tag surfer.


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    Tag surfer is still there:

    What is frustrating folks is that it no longer allows one to tag surf the whole group of their tags: they have to do it one by one now. If it is not a commonly used tag, then the posts which appear may be old (and already read). It also means having to click more than once.

    The use of the word “topics” is also causing some confusion.



    It’s history so there’s nothing to learn. If you used the Tag Surfer previously then click Read Blogs at this link http://wordpress.com/#!/read/
    On that page you can click “Edit List” and/or you can click “Add a Topic”
    I just clicked it and added “fishing” to prove that it works. Now I will remove that Tag.
    If you did not use the Tag Surfer previously then note that you can click http://wordpress.com/#!/topics/ to locate the tags page and use the searchbox there.



    Hello there. I just noticed what you posted as I had not refreshed prior to posting.



    Thanks, everyone!



    I am sorry but I do not get it! the topics bring you to a wp page with list of article, when you are dealing with photos it is a nightmare as none ot them show up just the title so bye bye random discovery as I am not going to click on each post to see what is inside. The edit list ask url! ??
    what do wp gain with this change? For me nothing, frustration, probably less visibility,less enjoyment and sadness!

    @tess wp.com is “free” in a way, they make money with adds and upgrade, and guinea pig for what ?
    I kept having prompt to upgrade but new features start to make me want to run away,
    Thanks for your help :)


    I much preferred tag surfer over the “Read Blogs” as I liked to see all my tags in one list.

    I’d be very happy if it was reinstated – pretty please?


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    You could look at our use of (free) WordPress.com as though we are sort of test subjects for them in developing upgrades for wp.ORG. It is almost as though we are guinea pigs/test subjects in the real world.

    Keep in mind that our wp.COM platform is updated before Automatic rolls out a new version of blogging software—one can view that as putting us in a position of enduring the testing required to produce functional updates.

    The analogy is not perfect—it breaks down when you consider that wp.com must work with the whole internet world: a large number of constant browser updates, and changing standards for coding CSS and HTML. (PHP and other advanced coding is like a roof for me: that is “It’s over my head.” ≥^!^≤)

    WordPress.com is a business and, unlike Blogger, it has no “sugar-daddy” like Google to pay for these necessary upgrades. So of course they need to make money in order to stay in business. Thus the adverts that are placed on our blogs, and the need for us to pay if we don’t want them, the need to pay for extra custom design functions, and extra storage space, or to map domains to other servers.

    Apparently life on the internet is becoming more social than when I started blogging. I speculate that some of the recent changes are related to them updating the format of wp.com to accommodate that.

    If you consider how much advertising you see on YouTube, commercial radio stations, television (even cable which you pay for!) also think about what you see vs what you use on this platform.

    I am not an advocate for WordPress.com—only a volunteer in the forums, and a fellow blogger of yours. There are a number of recent changes that I dislike.

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