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Tag Surfer Missing

  1. Bring back Tag Surfer!

  2. @herrsolera
    I have found that the tags I followed in the tag surfer are now all listed under Read Blogs at this link!/read/

    This is a peer support forum where your fellow bloggers answer support questions. We cannot and do not either implement or discontinue features of any kind. If you wish to communicate with Staff please use this link to do so.

  3. Hi TT Good Evening.
    I was also much curious about tag surfer.

  4. Tag surfer is still there:

    What is frustrating folks is that it no longer allows one to tag surf the whole group of their tags: they have to do it one by one now. If it is not a commonly used tag, then the posts which appear may be old (and already read). It also means having to click more than once.

    The use of the word "topics" is also causing some confusion.

  5. It's history so there's nothing to learn. If you used the Tag Surfer previously then click Read Blogs at this link!/read/
    On that page you can click "Edit List" and/or you can click "Add a Topic"
    I just clicked it and added "fishing" to prove that it works. Now I will remove that Tag.
    If you did not use the Tag Surfer previously then note that you can click!/topics/ to locate the tags page and use the searchbox there.

  6. ~~Tess
    Hello there. I just noticed what you posted as I had not refreshed prior to posting.

  7. Thanks, everyone!

  8. I am sorry but I do not get it! the topics bring you to a wp page with list of article, when you are dealing with photos it is a nightmare as none ot them show up just the title so bye bye random discovery as I am not going to click on each post to see what is inside. The edit list ask url! ??
    what do wp gain with this change? For me nothing, frustration, probably less visibility,less enjoyment and sadness!

    @tess is "free" in a way, they make money with adds and upgrade, and guinea pig for what ?
    I kept having prompt to upgrade but new features start to make me want to run away,
    Thanks for your help :)

  9. digitalgardener

    I much preferred tag surfer over the "Read Blogs" as I liked to see all my tags in one list.

    I'd be very happy if it was reinstated - pretty please?

  10. @cecilevision

    You could look at our use of (free) as though we are sort of test subjects for them in developing upgrades for wp.ORG. It is almost as though we are guinea pigs/test subjects in the real world.

    Keep in mind that our wp.COM platform is updated before Automatic rolls out a new version of blogging software—one can view that as putting us in a position of enduring the testing required to produce functional updates.

    The analogy is not perfect—it breaks down when you consider that must work with the whole internet world: a large number of constant browser updates, and changing standards for coding CSS and HTML. (PHP and other advanced coding is like a roof for me: that is "It's over my head." ≥^!^≤) is a business and, unlike Blogger, it has no "sugar-daddy" like Google to pay for these necessary upgrades. So of course they need to make money in order to stay in business. Thus the adverts that are placed on our blogs, and the need for us to pay if we don't want them, the need to pay for extra custom design functions, and extra storage space, or to map domains to other servers.

    Apparently life on the internet is becoming more social than when I started blogging. I speculate that some of the recent changes are related to them updating the format of to accommodate that.

    If you consider how much advertising you see on YouTube, commercial radio stations, television (even cable which you pay for!) also think about what you see vs what you use on this platform.

    I am not an advocate for—only a volunteer in the forums, and a fellow blogger of yours. There are a number of recent changes that I dislike.

  11. At the risk of having the odd opinion in this thread, I'll say that I do like the "Read Blogs" format.

    The old tag surfer was something I gave up trying to use because I used tags (categories) such as "beef" or "poultry" and would have to plough through a lot of rap music folk who were having a beef (argument) about something of no interest mixed in with posts about the difficulties of chicken (poultry) farmers.

    While I may still have to do that, the "Read Blogs" function is much faster and does seem to offer many more posts on the list.

  12. @cecilevision

    …the topics bring you to a wp page with list of article, when you are dealing with photos it is a nightmare as none ot them show up just the title…

    I don't understand your comment there?

    When I try the "Read Blogs" the posts are shown with the first part of the article, including a large image (presumably the first image in the post) with small thumbnails of all the other pictures in the post displayed below.

  13. New system sucks. Too many clicks, Lost in navigation. Give me all my tags in a single list. Give that to me in an RSS feed and I'll read it on my iPad like I want to read it. I use Tag Surfer for discovery, Blog Surfer for favourite reads. My Blog Surfer blogs are subscribed through Google Reader to Flipboard. Wouldn't mind that capability with the Tag Surfer. One single RSS feed.

  14. historicalfictionebooks

    This is the first time I subscribed to a topic. How do I unsuscribe? There seems to be no button for that. Thank you.

  15. @tess sorry it seems to works now, do not know why. I was referring to using topics section tags as nothing was showing up on any of my tags even photography in the read blogs section. Now it looks similar at the old tag surfer, and I can add new tag (topics) I will give it a try. Thanks

  16. @historicalfictionebooks
    It's due to the reason that it's not the right place for you.
    go to

  17. If you want to see all your tags in a row, just scroll the cursor on Posts and click Tags.

  18. @tess,

    Agreed, the Tag Surfer gave some odd results sometimes. For instance, I use the tag "Move" (as in Playstation Move) and kept getting blogs about people moving (as in "new apartment" or "new house".

    But the vast majority of blogs were very relevant, and the most important point was that I didn't have to click around to find a good index of mostly good blogs -- I got them all using a single click. I know it sounds lazy, but it's the sort of thing you get used to; especially when one uses the feature as much as I did.

    The "Read Blogs" works, but it's much more hassle, which has led me to read much fewer other blogs (in fact, it's almost down to zero) -- though on the up-side I feel like I've seriously cut down on the guilty pleasure of wasting too much time idle-browsing blogs. Now I limit my blog-reading to when I'm looking for something specific. So it's a little bit of a lose-win situation. :)

    I want to add that I asked a support question about the missing Tag Surfer feature, and the reply I got was that they are working to improve the "Read Blogs" function. Exactly what that entails, I do not know, but in the context I read it as "It'll be able to do what the Tag Browser previously did.", though I could be reading too much into it.

  19. I too, miss tag surfer! It was easy and quick--part of my daily routine to see what other folks in my niche were up to! Is there someplace where you let people know you are changing things before they happen?? Comunication is always nice.

  20. @zinep

    …though on the up-side I feel like I've seriously cut down on the guilty pleasure of wasting too much time idle-browsing blogs.

    LOL! Don't I know about doing that!

    The Read Blogs system seems to load faster, and it keeps older posts up longer so if you miss a week of checking a tag (unless it's a really busy one like "recipes") you won't miss that gem of a blog before it floats off into Read Blog obscurity.

    As for the answer from staff, I'm sure that are working to improve… and whatever they do will be a surprise!

    They haven't asked for opinions of users since the big-dashboard update in Dec. 2008:

  21. @itspak1
    The "Read Blogs" system is so you can see other people's blogs, not just your own—blogs about the topics you like.

  22. @historicalfictionebooks
    There should be a button or tick-box on the emails you receive about new posts in this thread to unsubscribe.

  23. "If you want to see all your tags in a row, just scroll the cursor on Posts and click Tags."

    Where? Why are all these navigation controls buried? makes a pretty design but usability has been thrown out the window.

  24. That doesn't address reading all tag surfer tags in a stream.

  25. @dougrogers
    This is not alternative to tag surfer.

  26. Ah! This new kind of tag surfer (Read Blogs) ignores the line breaks in the poems.

    But I like the new format. I think it's a good change, in general.

  27. Please read what Staff have said here:

    Howdy, the feature is not likely to come back but we are working on making the reading interface on the homepage even better. Thanks for the feedback.

  28. Having to check tags one by one is useless for the way I work. If this is the way it's going to be from now on, that feature is effectively gone.

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