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Tag Surfer Pet Peeve

  1. i love the tag surfer. i must browse the tag surfer whenever i log into dashboard. but what i dislike most about tag surfer is the reappearance of old posts. old meaning posts ranging from 1 week to 1 year ago. it drives me nuts! the reason i like browsing tag surfer is to look for recent posts to comment on, and nothing turns me off more than seeing an old post. i know some people don't mind that, but to me it seems to defeat the purpose of tag surfer of showing the most recent posts in that tag. don't the reappearance of old posts (probably due to reediting) keep out the latest posts? i'm possibly missing out on good, latest posts because of all these reappearance of old posts, some times up to more than a dozen by the same blogger. pfffttt!

  2. When I use tag surfer I want to see all the posts under the particular tag with the most recent one on top. And that's what we're getting. Are you suggesting we need a choice like we do have in the friend surfer like for choosing "1 day" or something. Would that work for you?

  3. actually we aren't getting the most recent at the top sometimes because for instance, a blogger decides to edit his posts from ages ago and when he saves the edited version, the tag surfer puts it out as the latest because the time edited is the latest, but the posts are really old and outdated (at least according to the timestamp). that's the bit i'm annoyed by.

    your suggestion sounds good actually. since we have that option in friend surfer why not in tag surfer? i'm just afraid it may not be able to detect the latest posts if it does the same methods as described above.

    but obviously i'm alone in my rant, because everybody else must seem to not mind old posts emerging every now and then (more now than then though).

    i'm feedbacking this... on monday.

  4. Maybe you're just searching for very esoteric tags? But I agree that "Latest in 1 Day" etc is a great option to suggest.

    I, personally, don't mind old posts at all. I've looked at some stuff that was years old and still gotten a kick out of it.

  5. nope, very normal tags, like books and reading. it's the books tag that keeps dishing out these old posts, btw.

  6. I came back to say that I just zoomed through many lengthy posts on the tag surfer and found nothing I cared to read at all. From here on out I will prefer to do a more specific search using the tag pages themselves rather than this feature.
    The second thing I have to say is that I wish everyone used "more tags" in blogs with themes that do support them. I can tell by reading the title and first 2-3 sentences whether or not I want to read the whole posts and in most cases, I don't.
    Edit: And this last paragraph applies to my friend surfer too. I just cleaned the whole thing out. I don't have the time or inclination to scroll through miles of stuff I don't want to read. The title and 2-3 sentences is all I need to make a decision to read or not to read.

  7. wp should instead put the more tag in all the posts in tag/friend surfer. don't have to scroll half as much!

  8. It's up to the bloggers to use the tag or not.The programming will not do this sulz. What's really going on with friend surfer and tag surfer is very much like subscribing to the feed of the blogs.

  9. Actually the programming could do it. It would be easy just to display the first 300 letters or some such.

    Best bet would be to make that an option though. Gotta admit that I don't use the tag surfer myself. First thing I did was delete all of the tags that I really didn't use myself but had on my blog. That took over an hour. Most of the posts on my surfer now really don't have to do with what I'm discussing though. Just lots of folks who post what they want and throw in just random tags.

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