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Tag surfer rendering, text zoom, firefox, flash, broken.

  1. The rendering in firefox of tag surfer with text zoom seems to be badly broken.

    In particular, embedded flash (e.g. youtube) things seem to not sit in the right place, seem to get stuck in a fixed spot on the screen. Scrolling, or paging up and down scrolls and pages the text underneath the embedded flash app, but the embedded flash app floats on top, and doesn't move -- at least it doesn't move anything like correctly.

    Known bug? Anybody else seen this?

  2. What version of Firefox and flash do you have on your computer? I can't see anything myself using Firefox 3 (beta) on my Macbook, but that isn't a fair comparison :)


  3. On Fedora core 8...

    [abc@xyz ~]$ rpm -qa | grep -i flash
    [abc@xyz ~]$ rpm -qa | grep firefox
    [abc@xyz ~]$

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