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tag surfing is blank

  1. For some reason today I can't see anything when I click on tag surf. It says "done" and it is completely blank. Any ideas on what is up?

  2. Let me guess, you're using Firefox?

    When there are too many images in the categories you're surfing, the page comes up blank. It maxes out the browser.

  3. Really??
    I would like to check that out :S

    Can you give me an example of a tag you click on that gives you a blank page, Judy24, please?

  4. Hi - this got fixed by Mark. Here is what he said:

    "It's a tag that did that, but I know not which.
    I have cleared the tags.
    You will need to clear the browser cache completely.
    Prefs > Privacy > Private Data
    You can try using Safari too if Firefox does not load again - it will
    if the cache is clear though."

    fyi - example of tags - consciousness, transformation, detox, food

  5. clearing my cache never helped. I quit bothering with the tag surfer months ago.

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