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Tag System Changed ??

  1. Hello,

    In the past, if I set a tag (for example: software) to my article, that article was being show in the software section in tags in But now It doesnt appear, so is Tag system changed ?

  2. Can we have a link to your blog? We will need to take a look at it.

  3. I'm not sure what is going on. I just did a test post and it showed up right away, but a couple others seem to be seeing some tags pages issues. It may be that there are backups or some maintenance, or possibly some updates going on in the background that may be slowing things down. I would give it a little time and see what happens.

    One thing to try would be to open your latest post for edit and change one little thing like taking a space out and then putting it back in and then save the post and then take a look for it in the tags pages again. There was a time when posts that were scheduled to post in the future would not show up unless you did that, but that hasn't been an issue for probably 8 months or so.

  4. Ok thanks Richard...

  5. You're welcome. Give it a few hours and see if things straighten out.

  6. It seems to be global. The posts for many tags haven't updated for the last 9 hours. I checked several different ones and all had the last post 9 hours ago (It's 4:56 AM CT US).

  7. Hi sacredpath. Thanks for the help, but I am still having issues. I went below the 13 limit as well as removing double cat/tag designations. I think that there is something more than just that going on, however.

    By the way, I think I get the 13 limit rule, but don't understand the restriction on cat/tag doubling. Just my $0.02.

  8. For some reason, I'm seeing this situation is getting worse. I see not only do I have a problem with posts properly tagged not showing up on the forum, but many on my blog roll have numerous posts that never show up on the forum and if you look they are properly tagged. I've only had a few, but alot of people are having it happen to almost all of theirs. We are not getting the exposure to our posts we once were. I have to find my friends latest posts on readomatic about half of the time.

  9. @niecey we need a link to your blog. We cannot check things out if we cannot see it.

  10. @pino, Categories and tags are the same from the point of the tags pages, and search engines. Search engines are also very suspicious anymore, and things like multiple identical tags will cause them to ignore any tags in posts which are duplicates. You also have to watch using singular and plural versions of the same word for tags. Again, the search engines flag this as possibly being an attempt at tag spamming. People are always trying to game the system, and the search engines simply won't put up with it.

    Here you go. I've been posting on other things, but have predominately been posting on the Caylee Anthony forum and it is happening alot. I haven't had this happen since word press changed over until last night. I noticed that what is showing up on the forum Caylee Anthony, does not show alot of my friends current posts. I have to go to their sites, or as I mentioned above, readomatic.

  12. I've modlooked this thread and perhaps staff will chime in. There definitely seems to be something going on.

  13. What can be done??? We have been under attack by a blogger lately, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Thanks.

  14. I can't see anyway the two would be related. All I can suggest is to either wait for staff to chime in here with an explanation, or contact support directly. With the reduced holiday hours though it may be a few days before you hear back since things pile up when they are closed and they go through what they get in the order the stuff was received.

  15. Thank you! I really appreciate your help.

  16. I have contacted support. They acknowledge issues with Tags and are working on them.

  17. I'm going to do the same. Thanks Pino and The Sacred Path.

  18. serviceuntitled

    Thanks for the reports everyone! We are aware of an issue with tags and we're looking into it now.

  19. serviceuntitled

    We're pretty sure we have tracked down the problem and we are now in the process of deploying the fix. Tags should be working again shortly.

  20. I am starting to see several posts now appear. However, mine are not appearing as of yet.

  21. Service,

    I just went back and removed all tags and cats except for Uncategorized. I then saved my post, visited my site and verified that they had been removed. Then, I went BACK to my post and readded the cats/tags I wanted and saved it again. My post is now showing in the global list.

    Just an FYI for users going forward.....


  22. You should be able to get them into the tags pages by just editing the post and changing one little thing like adding a space and then deleting it and saving the post.

    It may be that all who have experienced this problem will have to do this with the posts that have not show up in tags.

  23. Things are looking up!!! Thank you everyone!!!!! You were all a big help. I appreciate service getting right on it, as well. Great Job! I'm so thankful I stumbled upon this forum.

  24. yassermetwally

    Things are probably improving, posts published today (28 December 2008) appear under the coressponding tags or categories, however posts published yasterday (27 December 2008) still do not appear under the coresponding tags or categories, i hope you are aware of that

  25. I'd like to second yassermetwally, I've made a few small edits, removed a couple of tags and cleaned up the categories and then reassigned them, but nothing seems to work and my post from yesterday doesn't seem to appear for the critical tags.

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