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/tag URI-inconsistency

  1. While WordPress- and are extremely consistent regarding their URI-structure, there's one big inconsistency. If some looks at:

    ... and removes the "wordpress/" part he'll find himself at a blank page:

    In my opinion he should find a *full* tag-cloud (all tags, not only the 45 of the widget) there. Just as he'd find all entries for June 1st, 2008 if he looks at:

    Your opinion?


  2. I think that's an extremely good idea!

    Is there even a way to find all the tags? (Besides widgets?)

    If not, then that's a great idea. Consistency FTW

  3. As far as I can see, you're absolutely right, Sunny. There's no way to find all of the tags one's using. That's just another reason to publish them at: /tag/

  4. I just found out that does exactly what should happen to /tag/.

  5. Although I'm not sure if that's all tags used at ;)

  6. It's not. We have about 100 million tags used here. Those are just the most popular ones.

  7. You can always change the end of the tag address:

    Listing every tag we have is impractical.

  8. That's definitely true for, Barry and Mark, but displaying all tags of someone's own would make a lot of sense, wouldn't it? Or at least the 100 (more than 45) popular ones?

  9. If you need that functionality, why use tags rather than Categories? The Categories widget displays everything.

  10. Raincoaster, I prefer the idea of tags as they are displaying my current focus. But still, it's inconsistent to have a blank page at and it's helpful for you and your readers to get an idea of all tags used, isn't it? At least an idea of more than the 45 most popular tags displayed in the Tags-Widget.

  11. I agree with gerrit. It would be consistent and intuitive to have a tag cloud at the uri. On second thoughts a short code like [tag-cloud] to drop into a /tag/ or /tags/ page woldn't be too shabby either.

  12. /tag/ is consitent with /category/ on your blog.

  13. So you believe it needs to be changed as well, don't you, Nick?

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