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    A page that shows you which tags you use, with the tags you use the most shown as a bigger size.


    Is this the blog you are talking about http://myrkr.wordpress.com/ ? If so, please always provide a link to the blog when asking a question in the forums since most times we need to take a look in order to help.

    You cannot do that with a page, but the tag cloud widget will show the most used 45 tags in the sidebar with different font sizes based on the relative use of the tags.



    It is. I didn’t know that that widget did that, though. Thank you for the help!



    Though, something that tells YOU the most used tags of yours on the admin pages would be much more preferred, instead of a tag cloud for everyone else to see.


    If you go to posts > post tags it will show the number of posts that a particular tag is assigned to (if you have the screen options set to show “posts.” That I’m afraid is about all we have at the moment.

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