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    Hi, I was wondering if there is an widget available other that tag cloud, to display the tag. I don’t like the way tag cloud displays the tag, sometimes it makes it so big and bold that it hovers over my post. Is anybody is using any kind of text tag widget or any other widget.


    Tag cloud is all we’ve got for tags. But you could always make your tags, categories; and use that widget.


    I think this post might be useful to you:
    How to create a customizable Tag Cloud for wordpress.com blogs (non-geek version!)

    It is possible to create a custom tag cloud in the process mentioned and paste the tag cloud in a page/post or in the side bar.


    Thanks sanjidabd, I will have a look at the post you mentioned


    Hi sanjidbad, I went through your post, but that wasn’t what I am looking for, I don’t want to customize tag cloud. Also I saw your post where you said take the source code make the tag list …. After reading through your couple of post I am realizing that there is really no way to have a different tag widget, anyway thanks for all your help.

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