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    isnt it better to have a tagboard or chatterbox feature in the widgets rather than having just comments? ive been trying to include it but unfortunately, i found out it is not supported by wordpress.
    is there any other option apart from just comments or meebo?



    Meebo is the only option available at this point in time.



    Please note that both of those aren’t supported by wordpress.com. Both are usable with regular wordpress on your own host. Since this is a shared environment, it’s a security risk to allow the iframes and javascripts those are usually built on. That’s why they’re removed from all user input. A quick search of the forums and/ or the FAQ blog for your keywords will show you a numbder of threads on the topic.

    Also note that I would think most people would disagree with your statement as comments are related to specific threads while a chatboard is just general.



    @ mahryska
    I also disagree with the position you take on tagboards. This is why. The page rank for your blog is determined in part by the comments left in response to your blog posts. Posting on tagboards do not contribute to page rank.


    actually, im not particular about page rank. what is that for?! my concern is general comments are not exactly required on each post, especially if your comment have got nothing to do with the post you have written. in any case, so what im getting is, if i have my own hosting or domain, i can use tagboard or chatterbox? right?



    Page rank is a measure of your strength on Google. It’s relatively important if you care about exposure and/or hits. Comments add to your Google ranking, while chatboxes don’t.

    Yes, you can have a tagboard, Twitter, chatterbox or whatever you like if you’re independently hosted. Having your own domain is not relevant; you can have your own domain here, but it won’t give you the ability to use javascript-based widgets.


    thanks!!! ive got a domain name already and just scouting out where is the best place to host. and no, im not particular about the number of hits/visits so page ranking dont matter to me.

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