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tagcloud of selected tags

  1. I would like to add a tagcloud but only want to select 4 tags for that cloud. Is this possible?

    Meaning is to have a cloud where people can select one of the 4 tags and filter posts that way easily on that tag.

    Please help.

    Thank you

  2. No, that is not possible on a blog hosted on The tag cloud automatically selects the 45 most used tags.

    If you want to use selected tags only you can add the links to a text widget manually and omit the tag cloud.

  3. And how does that work? i just added a text widget but I should be able to put links on them so visitors can filter on those tags.

  4. This is how to add links to the text widget

  5. I've got something. See my page

    If you select at the bottom one tag in the tagcloud, he will select automatically those posts which are in the cloud.

    But my portfolio list on the left should stay. So it works fine, but how do I keep my portfolio list on the left and it must be selected to with those clients who are in that tag of course.

    Or am I asking too much now?

  6. kevinheylen,
    This is the support forum for blogs hosted on wordpress.COM. is NOT a blog hosted on wordpress.COM. It is a self-hosted wordpress.ORG installation. wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG are very different.
    We cannot help you in this forum. You may find your answer here:

  7. Thank you for your help.

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