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    I´ve got two Tag-Cloud-Widgets in my sidebar (theme: Cutline, URL: http://blog.ziele-sicher-erreichen.de ). While the KeyWord-Tag-Cloud works properly the Category-Tag-Cloud looks strange. Please take a look at the blog and answer the topic if you have got any idea what needs to be changed so that it will be displayed in the correct way. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is zielesichererreichen.wordpress.com.



    I have looked at your blog and believe the widgets are displaying properly. There is no way for us to alter the display of tag cloud widgets. However we can configure the Category cloud widget. Click the right hand corner and the widget will open:
    There you will see:


    Max number of categories to show:

    Minimum font percentage:

    Maximum font percentage:

    Count sub-categories in parent
    Delete | Close SAVE

    Make your choices and then click Save and Close.



    Hi timethief,

    thank you for your reply!

    Here is a link to screenshot of both tagclouds:

    I get this view in Internet Explorer aswell as in Firefox. Don´t know if your display looks different?!

    As you see on that Screenshot the space between the lines of Tagcloud 1 and Tagcloud 2 look different.

    Configuring “Minimum font percentage” an “Maximum font percentage” has got influence on the size but not on the space between the lines…

    Have you got any idea how to get the same space between the lines as in tagcloud 2?

    Best regards



    Yes, I see the difference. No, I do not have a “widget editing” answer. If you feel this is an important issue that Staff must address then you will have to file a support ticket http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/

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