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Tagged post not appearing on Topics page (Again)

  1. It's happening again, the tagged posts aren't appearing on the topics page. It was fixed once previously and the problem is back again.

    This problem has been occurring for the past 3 weeks or so. Need help checking again, thanks lot :)

  2. Note the reasons for non-appearance here >
    If they do not apply then please provide the URLs of the posts that are not appearing on the Topics pages.

    I tagged this thread for a Staff follow-up.

  3. Knowing how things roll after going through the trouble before for the same issue without a known reason. In fact all of the post from my main blog : over the past 3 weeks isn't showing up.

    Free to refer to my previous post on WordPress Support for the same issue.

    Thanks for the effort yea!

  4. Do any of your posts have a combined total of more than 15 categories and tags on them or not?

  5. I always keep my post at a limit of 7-8 tags and just a single category, knowing that mass tags will be filtered out from global tag listing.

  6. Thanks for confirming that. I tagged this thread for Staff. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  7. Great, thanks a lot, and have a great day ahead!

  8. You're welcome and you too. :)

  9. Your blog was marked as Mature due to some occurrences of sexually suggestive content. As such, it is not included in the public tag listings.

  10. I do know that having mayure contents in blog will lead to removal from publix tag listing which I have avoided over the time so I will like to request for a review again for this marking.

  11. Just to clarify, if the blog is permanently marked as Mature and there is no return at this point of time. A clear email or explanation will be helpful to at least clear any uncertainties. At least we know that its time to leave.

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