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Tagging is a pain at Word Press

  1. photographerno1

    I am a photoblogger who cross blogs perhaps 50 to 100 posts from my Flickr photostream, now when I edit my post to add tags its an horrendous experience , and the new dash board has made my task more tougher .
    I mean you guys you super techno dudes the cream of cybernetic space should make it easier for guys like me who type with one finger .
    I will discontinue tagging completely at word press.
    Something like a bulk edit and blogger friendly tools should ne the priority.
    All my posts originate from Flickr.

    Hey Matt I hope you are listening.
    This was the reason I said the new dashboard sucks

  2. Yes I totaly agree with you, it is now easy to add tags, but wouldn't it be an idea to easily add post to serten tags? Or that you can click on a tag and add posts to it?


  3. Perhaps you can elaborate on how the new dashboard makes tagging harder?

    You can still type comma-separated tags just like before.

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