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tagging pages

  1. I am unable to tag my pages.
    Blog url:

  2. Of course you aren't able to tag Pages. Pages are for content that rarely, if ever, changes. They have very little Google juice. It's only Posts that we can assign Categories and Tags to.

    Please try using the learn tutorial.

  3. For an assignment for a multimedia writing class, we must set up our assignment as a parent page under a main page, and add tags to the page...are you sure there is no way to add tags to a page?

  4. There are no way to add tags to a page.

  5. This is a post and you can assign tags to it >
    This is a page and you cannot assign tags to pages >

  6. Your prof should be notified so he can change things. He's asking for something not even possible (or useful) at

  7. A WordPress blog can either be structured as a page based website or its conventional post based structure can be retained. The post based structure is full of Google juice and the page based structure has diddly squat when it comes to Google juice.

    Why on earth would any Prof tell students to create lame page based structures that suck when it comes to SEO?

    My guess is that is not what happened. The Prof is talking "blog" ie. post based structure. However, students are choosing to create page based structures because they think website like structures are cool.

  8. @fionaeve
    Read this and you will know where I am coming from >

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