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  1. yet another newbie question

    in the tagline (under the blog's title) can simple html code be used:

    - to put a link,
    - to display a picture
    - to have both


  2. Did you try to do those things yet? :)

  3. well no :( okay I'm going to try with a link


  4. with a link it doesn't work, i guess there are characters that can't be included

    would like to make that link visible somewhere but I'm running short of ideas

    Read WRNC from first post to last post

    any ideas? anyone?

  5. Hi,
    I put "[em][/em]" tags in my Tagline (I'm using brackets to show the HTML)... and they displayed as exactly that, not as emphasizing the word. Is there another way to emphasize a word in the Tagline?


  6. doesn't the [strong][/strong] tag work if the [em] tag does?

  7. Guys, I don't believe there's a way to use HTML in the tag line.

    I just tried this on my blog and both the em and strong tags simply show as em and strong in the display:

    <em>Learning</em> Linux and <strong>blogging</strong> it


  8. IIRC, we tested the en and strong tag as part of a post title and it worked as long as those weren't defined by the theme in it's CSS.

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