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Tagline not appearing in my Blog

  1. Hi there,
    I'm using "Digg 3 Column" theme. I had problems in my Custom Image Header.
    I tried adding a new image. Unable to do it. Frustrated and dropped that idea.
    Then thought of adding at least the Tagline, however my tagline is not getting saved.

    In Design->Custom Image Header-> I clicked Hide Text. My tagline appeared. My Tagline disappeared once I saved the Image Header

    Any Idea Why.

  2. Digg 3 does not display the tagline.

  3. Oh i see. But a little clarification. Like i mentioned in the above post, when i do to Design->Custom Image Header-> and click Hide Text my Tagline appears. Only when i try to save it, its getting disappeared.

    Fine anyway.

    Any guesses why i get a small "x" symbole (the symbole for image not available) when i upload a image. Its saying, "Crop Image", but on saving and looking at my Blog i could see only that "x" sysmbole.

  4. Hi,

    Half of my tagline is not visible under the title of my blog. Why is this?


  5. I can see the following on your blog, what is missing?

    Here I come again…

  6. ebanflo - you may want to link your blog to your user name - see here

    As for your tag line - I see "Here I come again ..." Is there more?

  7. Hi,

    I have accessed my blog on two much older versions of Internet Explorer. I'll visit it later on my modern laptop.

    Thanks for looking and reasurring.

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