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    Hi there- I’m ‘relatively’ (completely) new to this blogging malarky, and also a bit of klutx when it comes to using my eyes. Anyway, preamble over, I would like to find out how I can remove the ‘Just another wordpree.com weblog” tagline from under my blog title.

    Having searched the forums for this, I’ve found out it _should_ be very easy- simply dashboard > options > tagline to edit or delete it.

    The trouble is, I don’t have an ‘options’ button anywhere… at least that I can find! So after 30 minutes of increasingly frustrated clicking and searching, I come humly here, hat in hand asking for help.

    You will win my eternal gratitude and possibly even a cookie.






    I think you will find it from your dashboard. Look to the right it says SETTINGS —> GENERAL ….

    You will find it right there near the top


    Thank you sooo much! I was beginning to lose my mind!

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