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    I found the tagline edit under general settings but because I have a custom banner it interferes with the banner.

    I like having it on the side under “About Site” but is there a way to take it off the banner?

    If now how do I eliminate the box on the side that says About the Site or change it to something else more functional?

    Can I do this with just a few commands or do I need a tech???




    For the tagline, all you can do is check through the available themes until you find one that fits your need (appropriate tagline positioning).

    For the about box, go to your dashboard, look through your pages (not posts, pages) and edit or remove the About page as suits you.


    @globalhealthnow: No, you don’t have to change your theme. Appearance > Custom Image Header > Hide Text.


    (@myweblogtv: Do you have a wp.COM blog? If not, you’re in the wrong forum.)



    @pana – that is a wordpress.COM blog.


    You can always modify the header pic (if your theme uses one) so that it includes your tagline. It doesn’t take too much effort with something like MS Paint to add some text to a graphic. That’s what I had to do because the theme I use doesn’t display the tagline.


    @vivian: Yeah you’re right. I was misled by the incorrect answers and didn’t give it more than a glance.

    @sensuouscurmudgeon: What you’re suggesting is the opposite of what the OP wants.

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