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Tagline Won't Appear In Cutline After I Enter It In Settings

  1. Warning: I am very new to WordPress.

    I edited my tagline in my Dashboard by clicking on "Settings" entering the Tagline "A Blog About Caleb And His Goals" below where I entered my Blog Title "Caleb's Goals". I then clicked "Save Changes". The Blog Title changed but the tagline does not even appear. What can I do to fix this? You can visit to see if it gives you any clues--there might be something I'm not doing correctly.



  2. Not all the themes display the tagline; Cutline is one of the ones that doesn't. If you want the tagline to display, you'll have to choose a different theme.

  3. Or you can put it in a text widget and have that widget at the top of your blog.

    Another alternative is to include it in your header.

  4. How do you put a text widget at the top of the blog? When I go to Design - > Widgets and try to place a text widget, I only see an option (from the dropdown) to place the widget at "Sidebar 1". Also, how come certain Cutline blogs have taglines displayed? Did they use a text widget or is it because they are using For example, the Cutline website:

    Another question, will I be able to include a random header image or is that something I can only do with Thanks so much for the replies!



  5. Checking the stylesheet for Cutline here shows that it is version 1.02-wpcom, which is probably a custom version; the current release version on the site you pointed to is 1.3. They may have added the tagline to the theme in a more recent release.

    I'm also aware of another theme that can display the tagline only by modifying the PHP scripts, which we also can't do here. If Cutline uses the same approach, then it would only be doable using the software.

  6. I meant to say that the text widget would be at the top of your sidebar. But this thread gives you a workaround for getting it at the top of your blog It may or may not work on your theme, though.

    As for the version here - it was probably the original release that was modified for Updated versions of themes rarely happen here.

    Search the forum for random header image. It has been done before, using CSS, but not sure if it was done with Cutline.

  7. So, if it was added in 1.1, does that mean I should be able to add one?

  8. Um, no it doesn't mean that. We can't modify the PHP for the templates or upload new templates, and the version of Cutline here - 1.02-wpcom - doesn't support it. If you want the tagline to show on a blog here at, you'll need to use one of the techniques suggested above by vivianpage or use a different template.

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