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  1. I don't understand where and how to install tags

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thank you, that info is indeed helpful but how about adding tags to pages, can I do that.

  3. No, tags can only be assigned to post, not to pages.

  4. OK. Being a newbie i likely have more questions than patients but here's my problem in a nutshell. I am trying to get visitors to my site, I started posting but since I seem to be writing a mini seminar with an ongoing theme it seemed to make sense to change over to pages but now I don't get any visitors at all. This is all very confusing.

  5. Pages typically get less search engine attention than posts, and when using a static front page instead of having your main page showing the posts (like a normal blog) search engines will not give you as much attention because when they come back to your site, they are presented with the same thing each time. They do crawl the other pages and such, but they pay the most attention to the main page. And as you pointed out, you cannot categorize or tag pages, which makes it a little more difficult for search engines.

    And here at, there are the global tags pages which list posts from across by tag/category. With pages, you do not get that advantage.

  6. Using Pages will kill you every time. Use Posts, and then everyone interested in a particular subject clicks on the Tag if you use the Tag Cloud widget and they can get just those posts.

    The whole concept of a Page, as opposed to a Post, is for information that is posted once and then applies forever. This is the opposite of dynamic, and search engines love dynamic.

  7. thank you guys. that sounds very helpful, way more than I've been able to get from just reading. I also really appreciate your instant response, especially at this time of night. You guys are great. Thank you.

  8. You're welcome.

  9. You're welcome. Some of us have no lives.

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