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    Hi this may be a bit ignorant, of us but we are completely new to this blogging. what we need to know is if we add lots of tags does this mean we can be found easily on google like key words is that what they do ?

    The blog I need help with is mariannigelworldtour.wordpress.com.


    You don’t want to add “lots” of tags. What you want to do is to add ten or perhaps 12 tags that are relevant to the content of the post. If you add too many it has the effect of actually reducing your search engine “juice.” The term used by many to describe people who use too many tags is “tag spammer.”

    But yes, properly tagging your posts will help the search engines properly place your posts so that people can find them in the search engines, and also in the wordpress.com global tags pages. Many get a lot of visitors from the global tags pages.

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