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  1. Thanks for this, it has been very helpful. Two small words, categories - tags and wow what a lot of information is needed to understand how the system works in reality.

    Thanks again, much appreciated. I'm now going to visit the tutorial...I hope there isn't a test at the end of it!!


  2. @1000tintoys
    I'm glad referring you to this thread provided what you were looking for. You're going to fine. :)

  3. I wish I had read these post a month ago! I thought Catagories was the "Page" name. Needless to say I was really confused & that is probably a good reason I am not getting traffic. I come from a long line of men that read instructions last, so this is ok!

    I will be reading the forums for the next few days.

  4. @nccountrygurl
    I'm glad you found the thread amd wish you all the best with your blog.

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