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  1. well one thing I can tell you is I'm not buying the 31 million so you'll have take your chances thing.

    Since adjusting the one tag from "poem" to "poems" I have been regularly showing up in the "poems" category when posting from poeticsojourn.wordpress and souleander.wordpress but even though doing the exact same thing have never been showing up in

    Now, what are the odds of that? I mean really.

  2. sorry that's


  3. so, letting you know how it goes here. I just posted the identical poem on the psychpoet blog and on the poeticsojourn blog. First the psychpoet and it doesn't show. Then the poeticesojourn. Same content, same exact tags. It shows. I delete and try again on the poeticsojourn. It shows again. I try on the psychpoet. No show again.

    You obviously have a product you only casually support. I think all I've presented to you presents a clear issue with the one blog.

  4. and now I post in my third blog souleander and it shows right up. Obvious problem with the one blog and obvious unwillingness to service the product

  5. more posts from peotic sojourn shows up in poems. Everytime. More posts from psych poet. Never shows up. There obviously is something wrong with the feed from psych poet and you could seem to care less. What's this "support" that I'm hearing of? Does that "support" do anything?

  6. I mean besides give out links

  7. shhh just ignore him. He'll eventually go away and we can collect our paychecks for handing out a few links and not resolving a completely rediculously obvious technical issue with his one blog and we can still refer to ourselves as "support"

  8. so here it is for anyone that is actually reading this thread anymore.

    I wasn't getting my blogs to feed to the "poems" page because I was tagging "poem" and not "poems".

    I figured that out on my own after "support" telling me it was because I was tagging too much and they had 31 million blogs so getting posted is a crap shoot even though all blogs were posting every time in "poetry".

    Now that I've figured out on my own that I should be tagging "poems", tow of my blogs post there each and every single time a post is posted even though there's 31 million blogs but one never does.

    All blogs post in "poetry" each and every single time as two blogs post now in "poems" each and ever single time and one never does. ever.

    Now if this there isn't a logical conclusion that the one blog has a feed issue to that "poems" page as the others do not then I don't know how you guys approach troubleshooting except to throw unrelated links around. Good job if you can get it.

    You don't want to know what I really think of this. One thing is for absolute certain by now and that is it has nothing to do with however many blogs you have.

    you send me links on how to advertise my blog merely to get yoursleves off the hook.

    Go on and ignore but anyone seeing this has a clear picture of how you opperate or don't opperate as the case may be.

  9. This is very provable if you were at all interested. Just note the day that I realized the tag should be "poems" instead of "poem".

    Then go to my and my blogs and note all the posts made since that time and then look in the "poems" category and you will see every single one of them that was posted during that time.

    Then go to my and not the posts made during that time and go to the "poems" category and you will not see a single one.

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