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    I noticed that in past posts some of the ” experts” mentioned the importance
    of “tags” on a blog.
    Can someone please explain what is the best way to display tags for
    google search engine? Tks.




    What do people here actually think of the tags? Does everyone of you use them?


    I use them on some posts and not others. It depends on whether I want to further refine what category I’ve put them in.



    I’m going to remove them from my new blog. The blog has less than 50 entries and I’ll have to do them one at a time but that’s okay.

    I use Technorati tags on the blog, as well as, categories and social bookmarks. They do bring in hits but the tags are really just extra baggage.

    IMO tags I have no management of are not very useful. There is no means of knowing how many I’ve used and what they are so I can create consistency throughout the blog.

    Example: Did I use novelty as a tag or did I use novelties on the last post like this one? This question plagues me with every new post.

    Although I can delete a Category that I don’t need and have all the posts with that category assigned to them wiped clean of it, I can’t do that with tags.



    Prior to their introduction I thought tags would operate to direct my readers to my own blog posts. However, that’s not the case. They direct my readers to the wordpress.com global tag pages just like categories do. I see no useful function that tags serve visa vis my own blogging and promotion of my own blog posts.



    I use ONLY categories. But in the old threads, we often used the words categories and tags interchangeably. Categories are very, very useful. Tags, not so much.



    FWIW, I don’t use tags either. Like TT, I’m sure I’d never remember if I did something like kids or students or pupils (dumb example, I know). I’m all for the K.I.S.S. method.



    Gosh … I’m already feeling better. I’m not alone. ;-)



    The functionality of tags and categories here is identical, but you can manage categories and they’re hierarchical (you can have sub-categories, but not sub-tags.) This means that, regardless of how they work on other sites or how we’re ‘supposed’ to use them, tags on wordpress.com are fundamentally a rubbish version of categories.

    I have used them precisely once on my main blog, and that was for meme purposes (getting my post to show up on the tag pages for the men involved in the Turkish ban). I knew I was never going to use those categories again, so I switched them to tags to prevent them showing up in my sidebar. And I use them for denoting versions of Sandbox on my skins blog, so that information doesn’t get mixed up in a mess of categories.



    I switched my categories to tags and went back to categories (support did it for me). I actually found tags difficult to use, since there is no list of them, like I have when I have categories. So it took me longer to “tag” things than it did to categorize them.

    I’m perfectly happy with categories.


    I use Ecto as my offline blog editor and it actually lists all the tags and categories I’ve used since I started.



    I hardly ever use tags and when I do it’s for a topic I don’t use often enough to devote a category to but which is appropriate to the subject. It also comes in handy for words that are spelled different ways, ie: Hanukkah, Channukah



    Thank you, I thought I was one of the only ones. I’ve found tags clutter to much as well. I’d have the post meta, the categories AND the tags listed which takes up a lot of space.

    And yeah, I agree with Timethief and others in here. :)



    thanks for your thoughts I just had read an article by a SEO expert who said blog owners
    do not realize the benefits of using tags. So I thought I would ask.

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