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  1. There is not much info on tags, I added one...cannot see it anywhere.
    I wish to draw in viewers, and list as many tags as I can. How do I organize tags? Where are they displayed after I post them?

    Also how do I post a "contact" window on my site?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    Tags and Categories can only be assigned to posts, not to pages. Search engines treat both the same way. The classic mistake of beginner bloggers is to assign far too many categories/ and even irrelevant tags to get search engine attention The attention they receive is the exact opposite of what they expect as overuse of tags is tag spamming AKA spamdexing, and as assigning irrelevant categories/tags is a deceptive practice that search spiders can detect. Search engines pay more attention to your keywords in your content than they do to your keywords in Tags/Categories. This will be helpful >
    Please read the information at these links too.

  3. Also how do I post a "contact" window on my site?

    See here for posting a secure contact form.

  4. thesoundfoundationlcs

    I had similar questions. I'll check you link regarding the contact form.

    As for tags, I tried adding a few tags after-the-fact to my sticky post on the home page (using the Motion theme). The tags show up in the editing page, but they don't "stick" -- when I go back to the site to view it, the sticky post has no tags. (A private test post DOES have tags, which I added at the time I wrote it.)

    Also, when I'm trying to add tags to that post, if I click on the link for "use most common tags", it says that the tag list is empty! (Even though the private post did successfully accept tags.)

    Can tags only be added at the time of writing? That seems awfully confining.

    Thanks for your Time, Thief!

  5. thesoundfoundationlcs

    Oh, and why is there no option for adding tags or categories if you use the non-Dashboard version of the New Post page? (I don't know what to call it, but if I click "New Post" in the gray area at the top of the screen I get a different, simpler entry form than if I go to the Dashboard. That's pretty confusing)

  6. do I asign my tags to different posts?

    I have 4 sets of tags now....

  7. In order for a tag (or category) to appear you must assign a post to the tag. While you are editing a post, you should have a module to allow you to add tags, and another module to add or assign categories.
    If those modules are not appearing, then click on Screen Options (upper right of edit post screen) and click on them.

  8. @thesoundfoundationlcs

    as for adding tags to posts using the quickpost option, or whether or not tags or categories appear on sticky posts, I bow out. Life and work in the real world is calling for my attention.

    Perhaps timethief or another volunteer has the info at the top of their heads and can help you.

  9. thesoundfoundationlcs

    The post-facto tagging of my sticky post now works, so I think it must have been somehow affected by the "activation code" weirdness that was going on the past couple of days for new blogs.

  10. @thesoundfoundationlcs
    I just located this thread again and I'm happy to hear this has now been resolved. Happy blogging!

  11. @thesoundfoundationlcs

    as for adding tags to posts using the quickpost option, or whether or not tags or categories appear on sticky posts, I bow out. Life and work in the real world is calling for my attention.

    Tnx...I did find that ad tags mdule...
    sitting right in front of me..duh......


  12. Now to figure out how to post quotes properly.


  13. hello,
    i'm a new blogger and i find that despite putting a suitable number of tags (below 10) and relevant tags, my posts do not appear in the global tag listings at all. i have also followed the instructions to make my blog public (it has always been public).

    i post all blog posts under category '@abdelxyz' and when i search for that, i get all my posts, but when searching for tags, eg 'obama', my posts do not show up at i doing something wrong, at all?

    thanks in advance


  14. See here please:

    The search engine indexes post, pages, and comments content (body text). Unless entered as text in those contents, blog name, post titles, and post/comment author names are not indexed.

    Tags are used to assist visitors using search engines to find content - specific content in posts. Is '@abdelxyz' a tag that any average user of the Google search engine would type in to locate the content in your posts? I think not. Your blog is focused on politics and religion. Is that '@abdelxyz' found in the text of your posts? No it is not. This symbol @ indicates an email address. It's my opinion that it's possible that you can be perceived as a spammer by posting your user name handle as a tag.

  15. thank you, timetheif, for answering my query.

    i don't use '@abdelxyz' as a tag but as a category, and i tag the post using relevant tags that relate to content of the post....surely the wp search should find tags too, no?

  16. It's my opinon that '@abdelxyz' is not what's expected in a Tag or in a Category. It's my opinion that no human being using a search engine to locate the kind of content found in your blog will be entering that into a search engine. I strongly suggest you use meanignful words that are found in your content, and do not use any Tag/Category that has the @ sign associated with email addresses and Twitter handles in it.

  17. P.S. Search engines treat Categories and Tags in exactly the same way.

  18. thank you.
    i don't expect people to search for '@abdelxyz', but instead when they seaech 'obama' or 'drones' then i would hope that the wp search facility would pick up my tags....

  19. Let me put it to you this way. If I created and @timethief category and assigned that category which does not appear in the ext of my posts to every post the search engines may perceive that to be spam. Maybe that's what's happening in your case or maybe not. Only Staff can assist you with the issue of your posts not appearing on the Topics Pages.

  20. i was under the impression from reading the wp help literature that search engines pick up tags and not solely categories. i wanted to keep the category name the same as my blog name for simplicity but it could be that the wp search engine is not liking it (my posts do appear in google and bing)...i'll approach wp staff for more info.

    thanks again for your help and time. appreciated.

  21. hello,
    how do i escalate this to wp staff?

  22. re: how to ad contact form-

    I can't view the different "form windows" they do not appear when on this page.....

    I can't view the "ad contact form ," it does not appear.


    Also, I need the correct procedure to post quotes here on this forum.


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