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  1. how do I create tags for subjects i am interested in written by others?
    Blog url:

  2. You don't. You assign Categories and/or Tags only to your own posts (not pages). Other bloggers assign Categories and/or Tags to their posts only.
    Please read this as well >

  3. I f I am interested in and tag immigration how do I find what other people are interested in immigration?

  4. Hello there,
    For global tag searches ie. Topics search to locate blogs with similar content see here >!/read/topics/

    For searches
    The search engine indexes post, pages, and comments content (body text). Unless entered as text in those contents, blog name, post titles, and post/comment author names are not indexed.

    For Google searches use this format and replace "keyword" with whatever word you wish:

    Example search string
    Queen Victoria
    results >

    On the bottom of your Admin page you will find a link to the Learn blogging Tutorial prepared by Staff.
    The support documentation is all found at the Support link which is also on the bottom of your Admin page.

  5. I cannot use tags for my articles lately the tags don't work. Every other thins works fine, but I cannot put tags on my articles, this has been for at least 1 week. Is there anyway that I can resolve this problem thank you

  6. Thanks timethief...I am connected

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