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    When i finish my blog and click to post it, your sidebar shows up and gives me other suggested tags… when i click on them to include them they are not included with my other tags.. this use to work now it does not
    Blog url: http://prestonlowe.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is prestonlowe.org.



    I just tested the suggested tags feature and it’s working properly for me on my test blog.

    After you publish the post, and click the Edit Post button, can you navigate to Posts -> All Posts to verify that the tags appear there?



    Yes… and they do not show up… it worked before but i notice a design change on that particular sidebar page…

    it was after that when the suggested tags stopped appearing after i selected the ones i wanted…

    now they do appear in the box above on sidebar page but when i hit the edit post button and it takes me back to my page to update… i update but the only tags that appear are mine, the suggested tags i clicked on did not appear


    Thanks for the additional details, and I’m sorry for the hassle. I’ll report this to our developers, and I’ll reply with an update when I hear back from them.

    I’ve confirmed that the tags don’t show up you click the Edit Post button on the Instant Post Feedback screen.

    However, I found that after you’re back on the Edit Post screen, you can go to Posts -> All Posts and view the tags column for the post you just published to verify that the suggested tags were actually added.

    Would you mind checking that again after your next published post?



    thank you it worked out when i did it that way…


    You’re welcome, I’m glad to hear it. :-)

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