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  1. How do I display my tags in a little block with the tag names in varying sizes dependant on their frequency of use? I realise that it is probably a widget, but which one?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks, tt. You're wonderful.

  3. tt.
    I think the last line of your latest blog post needs editing.

  4. @thepickman
    I'm visually challenged and I thank you for that heads up about the missing word.

  5. My turn to say, 'You're welcome'.

  6. Thank for following.
    Your 'blogging' post presents lots of challenges for me. I'm used to writing business letters and other documents; lightness of touch is something I have to learn. Thanks for the advice you've given, it's very timely.
    If you feel like giving feedback on the blog I've just abandoned I'd very much appreciate it.

  7. I don't provide blog evaluation services. And, we aren't allowed to use these technical support forums for blog promotion purposes. As we crossed a line above I'm going to wish you well and tag this thread for closure. We are asked to respect policy and promote our blogs and enter such discussion in social networks.

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