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    I was wondering if I can make it so that the tags don’t get displayed underneath my posts, so that if I have tons of tags, there isn’t a massive list being displayed.

    The blog I need help with is iwithered.wordpress.com.



    You can hide Categories and/or Tags on WordPress.com blogs. The iNove http://theme.wordpress.com/retired/inove/ or Monochrome theme http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/monochrome/ do give you the option to hide categories or tags on posts (under theme options). But for other themes purchasing an annually renewable custom design upgrade and using CSS editing to hide tags and categories is required.

    NOTE 1: CSS editing is theme dependent. In some themes, categories and/or tags cannot be hidden independently, as they are in the same selector as the other meta data elements such as author, date, and perhaps even the “leave a comment” link, which means if you hide one, then you hide them all.

    NOTE 2: Categories/Tags are solely for the use of your visitors. They provide the ability for users to click a category/tag link and locate every post assigned to it in your blog. Removing them for aesthetic reasons and depriving yopur visitors of the access to content which is not found on the front page of the blog doesn’t make a lot of sense.



    so that if I have tons of tags, there isn’t a massive list being displayed

    If your assign tons of tags search engines will detect that and categorize you as a spamdexer AKA tag spammer.

    The rule of thumb for tagging is less is more. If your want your posts to display in the SERPS (search engine pages results) and on the WordPress.com Topics pages then you assign the combined minimal number of relevant categories and tags that accurately describe post content.

    All reasons for non-appearance of posts on Topics pages or Reader can be found here > http://en.support.wordpress.com/topics/#missing-posts




    And what exactly is the use of tags such as the following?

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