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  1. I am having trouble adding tags to my posts.

    I have read many items in the Forum including FAQ and I am wondering if my editing page has the options discussed in these places. For example on the page it shows a menu I can't find. It says go to Manage>Tags and I can't find that anywhere. It also says that on the edit screen for any particular post there is a place to add tags. I don't see it. All I have is on the Dashboard a Post Tags button in the Posts box. When I go there it allows me to add a new tag but it makes no sense because it doesn't specify for what post.

    I know this has probably been gone over a dozen times and perhaps there is something i should have read but didn't but i am very new to blogging, not a certified geek though many of my best friends are geeks, and i swear i have spent a lot of time trying to find the answer. would someone be kind enough to help me?

    thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry. Forgot to add this note. One small problem I have (though depending on your pov it may not be that small) and is probably why i can't understand too well the FAQ page is that my computer (imac 4.1 os 10.4.11) doesn't play the screencasts very well so i hardly understand a thing. feel at liberty to sneer!! I'm used to it. thanks.

  3. The screencast is outdated.

    (Perhaps you'll find this useful: )

    Before the implementation of WP 2.7 last December the main concept in the organization of the dashboard was a "Write" section, for creating new stuff (with subsections for posts, pages, categories etc.), and a "Manage" section, for editing already existing ones (similar subsections). Now it's a "Posts" section, with subsections for everything that has to do with posts (editing existing ones, creating new ones, adding and editing categories and tags), a "Pages" section, with the relevant subsections, etc.

    In Posts > Post Tags you get a list of your existing tags. That's only useful if you want to change their wording or delete a tag. You can also add new ones there, but that will just make them available in the list, not attached to a particular post.

    Posts > Add New (for creating a new post) and Posts > Edit > click on title (for an already saved post) take you to the main post editor. That's where you do the tagging of a post: the screen includes a "Post Tags" module. If you don't see it, click "Screen Options" (top left) and tick the option.

    For saved posts, there's also the Quick Edit option (Posts > Edit > hover under title). You can add tags to a post there too.

  4. Thank you so much. That is very clear. Don't know why I didn't see the tags option before. And the link to a description of the new dashboard was also very helpful. Much appreciated. be well.

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