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    When adding a list of tags to a post sometimes the list, when published, is nice and alphabetized, other times it is not. Is there a way to control this?



    The tags will appear in the order you add them to the post I think, you’re best off adding them i the order you’d like them to display.


    Could it be that they alphabetize beyond the top post? What I’ve just noticed on my end is that all tags on my posts but my top one are alphabetized and I know I didn’t put them in alpha order (not that I mind, tags are tags, really) but my most recent post tags aren’t, they’re in the way I’ve inputed them. I personally have no issues with this, just mentioning.



    I’ve also noticed that from some time recently tags are not alphabetised automatically. The problem with me is I sometimes have posts with numerous tags both in Russian and English. The arrangement of those tags is not exactly the one I put them in in WLW. On the whole, tags are not alphabetised. More, they remain mixed with alternating groups of tags in both languages. But in some places within these “groups” they are alphabetised. Yet the whole tag list appears very hard to look through.

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