Tags – am I missing something?

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    Usually I notice my posts appear in the WordPress tags, but looked yesterday for that post of my YouTube and then today and my new post was missing. Today’s “Sorry, No Autograph’s Please” contains tags: humor, writing, life, makes me smile, makes me laugh, journalism. Page after page in each tag showed nothing. I checked to see if I have “privacy” as an option and NO, I have “public”.

    Also, I am confused why these tag “listings” sometimes show someone’s “four weeks ago”, then someone else’s “5 hours ago” then someone else’s “1 hour ago”. Wouldn’t you think they would list most current.




    Hey, I found out the answer…should of dug deeper into the forum. This was a pre-programmed post, therefore, *drmike* sd to Edit the pre-programmed post and save. I did just that, checked, and sure enough they were in the WordPress tags (each ‘tag’ shown under each tag listing) .

    I am still questioning the tag order though on WordPress.



    I see it under Makes me smile, makes me laugh, humor (Amazed it’s still on the first page actually), and writing. I don’t see it under situations, journalism, or life. (And if you look at Life, it looks really mucked up)

    The tags aren’t a live feed. They’re cached to some extent. It’s just taking time for your post to show up in there.

    I believe the tag order is in the order of the ID number for each catgegory. Haven’t looked though.

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