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    I am still confused with the matter of tags and categories. How do they both work on the World Wide Web? How do tags work and how do categories work to increase traffic and readership? Please explain in detail as I have not been able to decipher how to use categories and tags to get the optimum results?



    your tags or cats is, essentially, just the same thing from the point of search engines view. you can use cats, or tags, or even both of them. it doesn’t really matter, at all.

    however, to get the optimum results you’d better use unique names for best of your cats or tags.

    e.g., if you have a cat. named “Health”, then you could prefix it with something unique so it’d go like “SCTL Health”.


    Thank you Options. Have a simply amazing rest of your week. Craig



    IMO it’s not in your best interest to change any category names to render them “unique” at this point in time. The answer to the question “why?” can be found in this thread that I left the link to below. Even if you do change a category name the category slug will not change https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=16747


    So, we should think carefully when creating categories because for all intents and purposes, they are set in stone once we hit the “add category” button.

    Sigh! Perhaps it’s now time to get a domain name and find a host.



    tsp – you won’t be alone. And its not difficult.


    .com has limitations, but I liked the fact that I didn’t have to do anything but blog, but now it’s looking like some of the limitations are less than desireable. Oh well, I’ve always had good computer and web karma so perhaps it won’t be such a bother. And there is the increased freedom. Off to network solutions for a domain this afternoon.



    Moving away from wordpress.com it’s definitely not as hard or as expensive as bloggers make it out to be. I secured high quality hosting from A Small Orange with great features for only $25. per year. So those who posture that good hosting is costly are talking through their hats.


    Thanks, and I’ll have to check out “A Small Orange,” that’s very reasonable. I have my domain name now, not exactly the one I wanted, but the scum that has the one I wanted is asking $5k for it.



    I wouldn’t advise giving uniqueness top priority. Sure, I have a number of idiosyncratic category headings, and a few of those, returned as global tags, uniquely list my posts. A couple of others share return space with a handful of other bloggers. But in the first case, and to a lesser degree the second, that’s pretty much just an illustration of how unlikely anyone is to search under those terms. So I think the paramount concern is how likely a term is to be used in a search; the secondary and related concern would be how well descriptive a term is, so that it attracts the particular readers one wants. If, for example, I use “diabetes” as a category or tag, my posts are going to get buried. If I use “diabetes remission” or “diabetes reversal”, I’m more likely to reach the audience I’m looking for with that topic. By the way, all of this is hampered by tags not being integrated into WordPress search; multiple tags will return only one result, even though several posts might meet the criteria. Best to all, M.

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