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    I don’t understand how categories and tagging work. Can you help with tagging and categories? I have created 3 blogs but can not figure out tagging and categories. How do I do that?

    The blog I need help with is animalartbyjodi.wordpress.com.


    In the post editor, when you create a post, you can choose to put in keywords that give an indication of what your post is about. This is primarily to help your readers, but is also useful if you’re interested in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help your posts be found on Google, Yahoo, etc. Using them also help you to show up on WordPress.com’s internal pages, like Topics (providing your blog is open to search engines).

    To exlain the difference between categories and tags, imagine you’re sorting books according to subject, and you have ones about dogs, cats and birds – those would be categories (umbrella terms for all that follows), then the dogs one would be about Alsations, poodles and Spaniels. Those would be tags (keywords). The Cats one could have tags of Persian, Burmese, Siamese… those would be tags. The birds could have tags of parrot, sparrow and hawk…. and so on.

    Basically you decide the one or two main themes of each post and make use those keyword descriptions as categories, and look at the more general content and make those keywords tags.

    Here’s more info about them:


    and here’s a page about the modules and how to find and use them:


    You can also find tags and categories via your dashboard (click on Posts in the side menu on your dashboard and you’ll see them)


    By the way, I’ve added two tags to this topic: categories and tags, as that’s what your question is about. That will help others find it when they search. And it gives you an idea of tags used in context.



    Thank you! I am still very new to wordpress and trying to figure all of these things out.


    Don’t worry, it all takes time. This should help:




    Oh, very interesting link. I will be busy for a while with these. Thank you so much! :-)

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