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    What is the difference between tags and categories? Does one put me on the tagsurfer and not the other?



    Thanks very much – I looked in the FAQ, but wasn’t able to find that!



    After reading the post at the above URL, I went to my blog and added tags to a number of posts. Now I’m wondering–why list categories at all? The only reason I can see is so people can look under the categories listed in your sidebar. Otherwise, tags are the important thing. Right?



    BUT, today I wrote in my tags, and they are not showing up; and my post isn’t showing up in the WP pages of tags–or are they categories? WHY oh why are there so many damn problems? I am now unhappy about the re-design.



    I use Categories. They work for me, and they show up everywhere including Technorati. I’ve yet to hear a compelling reason to switch. One more reason not to: you can convert categories to tags, but not the other way around.



    Here is my question. I have Tag Surfer on my dashboard. Is anyting I get there either retreived based on either a matching Tag or Category? Or only by Tags?



    I would assume that since it’s called ‘tag surfer’ only your tags would come up.

    But then if someone used ONLY categories would that mena no one can find him on the tag surfer? Then how about the global tag place? Would that also mean no one will be able to find him if they only used categories??

    I read the faq above but I am not sure if the answer there was given :/
    ps. that faq needs an update I think:

    ‘Is there a way to manage tags?
    Can I see a list of all the tags I have used?
    No, there is no way to view the tags you have used.’

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