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Tags and categories confused

  1. Hi all,

    posting a blog entry and adding a category (no tags) to it works fine. The post ends up in the blog, and the category count in the sidebar gets updated. All is well!

    I see two issues with the category link attached to the post itself.

    (in German, but should be obvious)

    The interesting line is at the bottom: "Kategorien : Organisation", i.e. "Categories: Organisation".

    First issue: the link of "Organisation" points to a ".../tags/..." link. Shouldn't this point to something like ".../categories/..."?

    Second issue: the link points outside of the blog! That is very counter-intuitive to the readers of the blog, who don't expect to be linked to some confusing and non-connected content of other people (at least the readers I know of, me included :-) )

    To resolve: shouldn't the link of "Organisation", instead of pointing to be pointing to, hence staying within the blog, and be consistent with the standard sidebar widget?

    This behaviour appears consistently across themes.

    Can someone please elaborate, on why tags and categories are mixed below posts, and not implemented consistently to the sidebar, and consistent to the readers' (...) expectations? And how I can change that?

    Thanks for the great blogging platform!

  2. chewypupforever

    Ok you expect me to read German on your blog, well I'll tell you something.
    not German! AND im never going to learn German.
    You type English posts, German blog?
    So I cant really help cuz I dont see your problem

  3. Chewy, if you're not ready to help people stay away from the support forums.

  4. First of all: The global tags system was implemented before real tagging was possible in blogs. Categories on blogs simply pointed to the global tags. When "real" tags landed for the blogs, they were plugged into the same system without distinguishing them from categories.

    As for the category-links pointing to the global taxonomy instead of the blog's own: That's the payoff for getting traffic from the tags directory. In private blogs these links point to the internal taxonomy.

  5. Chewy, that's one of the rudest, brattiest things I've ever seen posted here.

  6. chewypupforever - there is no way you are allowed to post to the forum after that. It is totally unacceptable.

    You are unable to post. Do not make other accounts to get around this. Take that advice seriously.

  7. What if he needs help? I have seen ruder people than that, should I pull up the URLs?

  8. He does not need help.

    He needs to be not seen and not heard.

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