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    Hello !
    Excuse my bad english.
    When I click on a category in the “category” widget, I get the corresponding post or posts inside my own blog. That’s what I want…
    When I click on a category above a post, I get all the posts corresponding not only in my blog but also in other blogs. Why ? How to stop that ? Or how to remove tags but keeping categories ?



    This is the way WordPress is set up. You cannot change it. There have been discussions about this on the forum before; here’s the most recent one i could find:



    Thank you for your quick answer…
    Too bad the admins don’t understand the problem.
    So I have 3 solutions left :
    1. Change all my categories in a way I’ll be the only one in the whole WP tu user them !
    2. Remove all my categories and keep my blog with only chronologic order…
    3. Quit WP
    I’m hesitating…



    you have other options, too:

    4. Buy the CSS upgrade and change your stylesheet so it doesn’t display the categories on the posts
    5. Make your blog private, and the links on the posts will go to your categories, not the global WP pages



    4. yes, it’s true: CSS upgrade (for just $15/y) will buy you the opportunity to conceal the category links luring to the Global Tags system pages outside of your blog,

    but mind this would also hides away other post meta-data such as post time-stamp, author, RSS feed, Trackback URL (and whatever else will be put in there) as well.

    5. yes, it’s true: setting your blog as ‘private’ (just for free of charge) will restore your category links to the sane way they used to act before Feb’06, i.e. behave themselves as it expected on the Web and as they were initially supposed to,

    but, please, be aware it will also make your blog completely invisible to the Search Engines, thus making it almost inexistent and hard to reach for all of the potential readers you may write your blog for.

    > Too bad the admins don’t understand the problem.

    they perfectly do, in fact: Andy, one of the lead wp.com developers has even recently agreed “that Global Tags isn’t great“, but it doesn’t look as if any of compromise proposals have been (or ever will be) considered, despite it takes just a couple of lines of code to implement.

    since I never got any reasonable reply to ‘what’s so wrong with the compromise approach’ idea, I’m rather inclined to think it’s a political decision reflecting vested interests of Automattic Inc.

    in view of recent upgrade .com’s codebase up to beta code of WP.org 2.3, I’m expecting there’ll be some changes soon: like for instance some 2.3 ready themes (currently I’m aware about the only one of such: Sandbox v1.0) will probably have a separate row for normal category links pointing to your blog (thus helping to find all other relevant posts on your blog), and another row for tags (brought in 2.3) still directing your visitors off to Global Tags pages (thus helping to increase rotation of other .com blogs).

    in any case I wouldn’t advise holding you breath too much.



    I can’t remember for sure, but wasn’t there talk (way back) of user options on global versus local tags? This might be out of my own head, but an option much like turning snap on and off.




    I think there has been a great deal of debate on the forum with options leading the charge but there hasn’t been a response from staff that I’m aware of as yet.



    yes, there were alots of compromise ideas proposed on .com news blog itself starting down from this comment and below (some of them are copied for Matt’s convinience in the comment thread where he posted on my blog).

    since that time some of those commenters, being not so happy about this feature, left .com for good already, while most of the newbies are just taking this issue as a matter of course.

    also, there was indeed a thread on this forums which also contained quite a few of reasonable and compromise proposals, but unfortunately it’s been closed without reaching a mutual consensus between community members and staff. given that, I suppose it’s safe to state this deliberate decision is a pure political one (as I cant see any technical obstacles stopping from providing an option to opt out and/or other compromise alternative ways to resolve this issue).

    in the most unenviable situation got (or, yet may get into, anyone get reported by) so called ‘Mature’ blogs, specifically those using such .com deployed themes which are either sidebar-less (many of the popular Kubrick derived clones) or widget-less (outdated but nice like Fauna) — their only category links, located in the post meta-data section only, point literally nowhere at all.

    and that’s really “hands down, the most broken usability there is”, as sunburntkamel noted.

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