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"Tags" and "Posted in" are no longer hidden (for ChaoticSoul template)

  1. All of a sudden my "tags" and "Posted in" are shown at the bottom of each posts. I use a crapload of both, so it's kinda embarrassing, especially with duplicates (eg video game, Video games, videogame, videogames). Plus, it really clutters things up and hurts that "clean" look that makes ChaoticSoul so attractive.

    So is there any way to get rid of em?

  2. Nope. That's part of the theme.

  3. Dang, who's idea was that? It was so perfect before.

    Anyway, thanks for the answer, disappointing as it may be.

  4. hardrockhideout

    I agree. It looked nice before. This clutters up the blog. Their should be a way to turn the display of those off on the posts.

  5. Wonder how we could go about requesting this...

    I'm keen on inserting pointless and random tags in for no reason. Now I feel like I'm caught red-handed.

  6. hardrockhideout

    I don't over tag, but it has made my site look a lot worse.

  7. Well, I'm afraid that's how WordPress is supposed to work, and albeit initially annoying, I've kind of come to like this feature.

  8. Hmmm...
    Looks like I need to go through and optimize my tags.
    Luckily I've only got... 50 posts... and several hundred tags... Crap.
    Question: If I delete tags through "Manage Tags," that won't delete the posts connected with those tags... will it? Cause that's really the only way I'll be able to do this in a halfway reasonable amount of time.

  9. No your posts won't be deleted if you delete tags. They are separate things.

  10. Didn't think so, but you can't be too careful. Thanks.

  11. God!! even im hating it! Can somebody please help... those tags are ruining the look of my blog

  12. This is truly horrible. The blog looks terribly clutterred now. PLEASE, admins, revert to the old hidden tags. Thank you.

  13. I totally agree. Please remove this crap!

    It is terrible :(

  14. i'm glad it's not only me who's annoyed by this ugly new "feature" of the chaoticsoul theme. i chose it because i loved the clean, simple and elegant look without tons of clutter on the entries, and now my blogs with this theme are a mess! tags and categories are just slapped on the bottom of the entries, without any separation, and the font is the only bright bold one in the whole theme, which makes it extremely distracting. great, was that somebody who read "interwebs design for starters - how to completely destroy other people's designs"?

    and it's not only ugly, it's pretty worthless, too. categories and tags in the sidebar keep the reader inside the blog - but if they click on the tags and categories on the bottom of the entry they are sent to a wordpress' page with ALL these tags from any wordpress blog. thanks a lot, i really love to send my readers to other blogger's pages :/

    PLEASE remove the tags and categories from this theme, they destroy completely the look and feel of a fine piece of blog design. i'm sure it was for a very good designer's reason that there was no clutter included!


  15. wbarwiedzwieku

    oh this is bad, bad, very bad ;( it looks horrible, give us at least a chance to choose, pls.

  16. Staff have been going through the themes one by one and making sure that tags and categories show in ALL of them.

  17. In all of them? Why? That means I'll be looking at other blog hosting sites, much as I hate the thought.

  18. @raincoaster - nice... but i don't want them to show up!

    So the solution is pretty simple i guess.. I will just stop using tags, delete all of them and just "deal" with "Posted in" showing in the blog.


  19. @strangera: I got that impression, but I wasn't trying to soothe your emotions, I was trying to save you the time rooting around for a theme that hid them, only to find out in a few days they showed up anyway. Basically everyone will either have to delete them or live with them or figure out a way to hide them using CSS and then buy the upgrade. Those are your options.

    I don't work here, so don't blame me.

  20. I am not blaming you, i am just angry becouse onse more we see something really stupid that efects our blogs without our "permission".

    I will just like to hear a "official statement" for this stupidity.

  21. The question is how much deleting the tags will affect the search engine indexing of the blog?

  22. at least if they are stubborn enough to enforce that clutter on every theme they should hire someone who knows at least the basics about design and makes it fit with the chosen themes! maybe i could live with that stuff if it wasn't just so goddamn DISTRACTING for it's size and boldness and due to the missing separation from the entry's body puzzling for readers >:[

  23. i think it's another way to sell WordPress' product.. that's why they turned it on.. now i hate it.. & yes it does make the theme messy.. i too use a lot of tags..

  24. So if i buy "Custom CSS" i will be able to remove the "Tags" and "Posted in" from the bottom of my posts? Correct?

    If yes, is it so hard to say it official? And can't just someone that actually works in wordpress tell us WT* is going on? Is it so hard?

    BTW in the morning i contact support, because for me this "feature" is a problem/nasty bug, but no response yet.

  25. hardrockhideout

    If there is a way to get rid of this in CSS, I have no idea what it is, or how to do it.

  26. @hardrock
    I've been able to do quite a lot with CSS in my theme, but I still haven't seen any code in it that refers to the tags and categories.

  27. Nice :D So actually there is no real solution, except deleting all my tags for now.

  28. hardrockhideout

    I don't even thing that is a complete solution. I am guessing the posted in will still show up regardless.

  29. Even if one would purchase the upgrade and make the tags and categories of the same colour as the background (which seems to be the suggested solution), that would not go down well with search engines, would it? Doesn't google take a dim view of hiding text in this way? (Please correct me if this is not true, I haven't done much reading on this subject, so this is hearsay.)

  30. I have a Photo Blog. The sudden appearance of categories and tags at the bottom of each photo is a distraction from the pictures and completely undermines the intended simplicity of my blog. Speaking of simplicity, the reason I like WP is that I don't have to deal with html so is there possibly another solution to hiding them aside from CSS?
    What is the benefit of having them show on every post? (aside from drawing viewers to the WP categories and tag index page)?
    This is really an esthetic crisis for my blog. The ChaoticSoul template is so nice and clean. Please, can we get rid of this?


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