“Tags” and “Posted in” are no longer hidden (for ChaoticSoul template)

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    “I appreciate the concerns, but the styling for the Tags and Categories section was pulled straight out of the Archives views in the theme, which was designed by the designer of this theme.”

    ok, i take that back. BUT what stops your tech stuff to listen to the customer’s voices who are clearly not amused by this drastic change of the theme? you can’t tell me with a straight face that you can’t see what we’re talking about, and neither can you tell me it’s an unbearable amount of time and effort to change the code so it fits the theme.

    i was considering getting more updates, to switch to paid forwarding to “real” url’s, but if that’s how customer’s input and critizism is handled (with an attitude that’s far from customer friendly), i won’t even think about it anymore.

    and just to get it right: i don’t expect you to change the theme immediately, but at least i expect some kind of reaction that won’t feel so hard like ignorance from wordpress, and that shows our opinions are worth thinking about. since now i don’t feel they are.



    That is so much better, thank you!

    What I still do not understand (and this is not a complaint but simply a question) is why not give the non-upgraded users the possibility to switch them off completely?



    ashes on my head and shame over me, i wrote the posting above exactly while the theme was changed.

    i apologize to the stuff members, seems our voices ARE worth something.

    and yes, now it looks like the tags belong to this theme. thank you very much for the change!

    now i’d like to disappear into a corner…



    Thank you. Now my page looks pretty again ;-)



    Great but i am still far from happy, :( and i have a question. If the point is not selling the “Custom CSS upgrade” why i can’t remove the “Tags” and “Posted in” from my posts?

    And because my previous “furious” post here was deleted, i would like to present you my latest blog entry: WordPress is blackmailing me! – http://strangera.com/2008/07/30/wordpress-is-blackmailing-me/ have fun :D and i am looking forward for a official response ;) :D


    I looked at my blog today and was extremely surprised to find the tags and categories at the bottom … and headed straight to the forums to figure out what was going on.

    After I read this entire thread, I was thinking, if we get the choice to turn on/off “snapshots” and “related links” and other such applications, why is the choice to turn on/off tags so different? It seems an option that should come free … not with the purchase of CSS upgrade, something that myself and others may not be able to do. That’s why I liked WP so much in the first place, because of the choices and how uncluttered you can make your page. The tags and categories look better, but I still think its optimal to allow each user to pick whether to show them or not, just as with related links and such.



    ^^^ what sunnydaymiasma said.

    now, i apologized for my harsh tone, and i can tolerate the new styled tags and stuff. but that doesn’t mean i like it. it’s fine that wordpress thinks every blog should show tags and categories, but we have widgets for both. and most blogs with this theme which i know use these widgets. and who’s not using them, does it on purpose. i still would prefer my blogs with the clean style, and i would highly appreciate it if we are given the possibility to chose if we want to show tags and categories or not.

    i hope the statement about no attempt to sell more upgrades is true and we will get a choice. as sunny said, if we can chose related links or not, it shouldn’t be a big thing to give this opportunity for tags and categories as well.


    Couldnt agree more! And I’m glad to see lots of people are upset. Seems this is a very unpopular change.

    The reason I chose WordPress was because it seemed to give us the most control over the appearance and content, and one of the main reasons I chose Chaotic Soul, was because it had less clutter.

    I often like to write many posts with just a sentence or two commenting on something i then link to. Now I can end up having more text in the “posted in” than I do in my actual post.

    We bloggers like to control the content and appearance of our blogs. I thought WordPress understood that. The more you clutter up our blogs with things YOU think we should have, the less freedom we have to choose our own look and content.

    Why do I need categories and tags in the sidebar if WordPress is going to put them into every post? Heck! why not just put everything into every post! You could put archives, a search bar, and a calandar at the bottom of each post too! From a design perspective its the difference between Windows and Apple. WordPress is like windows, insisting on 14 different ways to do the same thing, we want apple, with just 1 straightforward, simple and clean way of doing each thing. And that definately isnt achieved by repeating things at the bottom of every single post.

    If WordPress really wants to make blogging better for us, give us MORE choice, not less! Let us turn this clutter off!



    Give us the choice!



    I’m the biggest fan of WP.com there is, but I would never say it gives you the most control over appearance and content. There are serious restrictions on both (just try posting a 700px wide Flash game) but there are other ways in which it pays off. Only you can decide which platform suits you best, and/or whether an affordable upgrade or so will solve your problems.



    Not to echo everybody else, but while I’d certainly still prefer hidden tags, I can understand the reasoning behind it, and I appreciate the changes that were made. It looks infinitely better than it did last night, so thanks.


    Prohibiting Flash imbeds is a matter of security. This obviously isnt.



    While I’m WAY happier than I was this morning, I agree with what the others are saying. I don’t see why we can’t have the option to show them or not show them. I use the “category” widget, I really like that feature, because I like for people to see the different categories that I have on my blog, figuring it will make them go look at some of the previous posts under the category that interests them the most, and I would be more than happy to use the “tag cloud” widget on the sidebar if it is so important to wordpress that the tags show on my page. I have to say, as a user, when I visit other people’s blogs, I never click on that stuff below the individual posts, but I often go to their categories lists to see if there is something that I want to look at.



    I got word from Nick @ WordPress.com:

    “Hi Martin,
    All of the themes display the tags. If you really feel that strongly about it, you can purchase the Custom CSS upgrade and hide the tags and category display.”

    And i really thought that the point was “not selling the Custom CSS upgrade”. ;)
    This is not selling stuff, this is blackmailing!

    I am looking forward for the “HUGE marble of doom” in the middle of every post in my blog.



    reading that reply from wordpress stuff brings me close to be as angry as i was yesterday :(



    Ah, so we are not pushed into buying an upgrade, are we?



    and i gave in and upgraded my main blog. congratulations, i’m NOT a happy customer, but care to keep a successful blog in good shape. no more recommendations for wordpress to friends and forum’s, that’s for sure >:[



    I’m secretly thrilled to have company sailing this boat. The horror of seeing the tags at the bottom of my posts killed every happy nerve in my mind. I think it’s cheeky and in real bad taste to spring such an abominably rude surprise on those using the Chaotic Soul Theme. I’m not comfortable with the non-solution provided by WP and like some of the others, wonder what it’ll take for better sense to prevail. Why the beauracracy? Please tell us how we can get rid of the clutter – it’s unsightly and deeply discouraging. Either that, or reduce the size of the monstrocity to resemble junk as opposed to the actual text.



    Tell me I am imagining it, they have reduced the font sizes on the posts to which tags have been added [which I have no problem with, tags I mean] also somebody mentioned choice, I love to use new roman font and more variation in font colours, and a nice box of choccies

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