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"Tags" and "Posted in" are no longer hidden (for ChaoticSoul template)

  1. Thanks for the information, wpvstp and raincoaster. I also noticed that the category listings that link to my blog posts show up on google rather the posts themselves but they do show up. But that was all even before the tags under blogposts were introduced. Obviously I do not wish to stop using tags, but I am unwilling to upgrade my blog just to get rid of a "feature"...

  2. @ rasgo
    even if you delete all of your tags and categories, there's still "uncategorized" written under your post. plus without categories your blog is crippled and no fun to browse.

    even though i swallowed the bitter pill and upgraded to get rid of this "feature", i hope wordpress stuff uses some common sense instead thinking they know better than their users and customers what's best for them and their blogs.

  3. Oh Dear

    I asked why there were no tags on my posts, 'cos I like them. Looks like I'm in a very small minority when it comes to Chaotic Soul. Sorry people but they are useful if not overused. Shoot me if you must but surely you don't mind a bit of dusting and Hoovering?

  4. They must still be tinkering, because all of the categories and tags on my blog have vanished completely. It looks rather stupid having these long columns of blank lines in the sidebar and
    Posted in , , , , , ,
    on every post. I reported it to staff, so I hope they fix it soon.

  5. @ ayesha001

    lots of chaoticsoul users chose that theme because they liked its clean appearance, and tags and categories at the bottom of every post destroy this clean and elegant look. besides that, there's widgets for both, and most bloggers use them.

    what gets people really angry is the missing opportunity to chose what to display on the blog, and to have to pay to be able to chose. i cursed wordpress in very colourful language while i sent the payment for the upgrade...

  6. velvetmonkeywrench

    i know i'm a little late to join the conversation, but for my two cents, to reiterate the common sentiment, just so publically there's one more vote:

    the tags look terrible.
    they gots to go.

    i never used tags before moving to wordpress, but after playing with them for awhile to figure out how they work and what purpose they served, i started putting the tags for my own reference and so the articles could be found if/when someone's looking for something along those lines - it is nice to get a little traffic besides my family from time to time.

    but --and maybe i'm just neurotic and insecure and afraid of looking like i want attention, since the kid who wants love never gets it-- that doesn't mean that when someone is reading my page i want them to see the various tags i've gotten all tag-happy with while trying to figure out where something belonged (hmmm.... is it more life or more love? or maybe it's porn? hmmm...)

    i don't like the look on the theme, and i don't like the invasion into the privacy of my thought process. if i had wanted tags i would have choosen to display them. obviously i didn't, a big part of why i chose that theme. and now i just want to be able to CHOOSE whether or not to display them (be it the main page or on individual posts) without having to buy an ungrade that supposedly this isn't pushing, or delete them all and remove my low-profile self completely from the radar.

    for that matter, all themes should have the option to display or not, especially on the front page. it should be under reading settings, the same as you would choose what the front page should be, how many posts to display, or whether to show a summary or full articles, etc. it's a BASIC display setting choice!


    ok, maybe that was three cents.

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