Tags and Topics, how does it work?

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    Of what I understood, when you put “keywords” on the Tag window, then your post automatically appears under that Topic along with all other posts from all wordpress bloggers, is that right? If so, how come when I do the search i can’t find my posts?
    Many thanks for your time.

    The blog I need help with is lovepages77.wordpress.com.



    Ok found similar questions, and some possible answers to my problem, but still don’t think I’ve overtagged neither violated some rule, have no links, no adds… could the music videos I’ve added through you tube be the reason? Do I violate some copyright by posting those?



    I’ve never really found a good answer for this either. The site used to be better about picking up posts for topics but it has been working much worse since they changed their reader format. Lately my posts have not been getting picked up on ANY of my tags. Something must be very different with the software nomograms or hardware or both.

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